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We Live in Interesting Times

Last year, John and I were having a conversation by e-gram which was interrupted by the dweedle of incoming 122mm rockets.

I typed "bailing. rockets" and bailed. John used that to post about the miracles of electronic communication we'd seen since, well, electronic communication first cranked up.

My turn. I just got this five minutes ago from Potfry at TNOYF:

Please excuse the departure from our typical shtick:

Arasradio, a self-identified Iranian protester in Tehran, has left a couple comments on the TNOYF You-Tube page concerning the situation in Iran:

Lol. Thanks. As an Iranian on the streets of Tehran fighting these bastards, I really thank you to show the truth to the world. Jews are our brothers and I ensure you that we will end their tyranny before an embarresement like hitler remains on our history. I laughed a lot. Thank u. Merry Christmas. Pray for us in Iran to bring ayatollahs down. I will distribute this in Tehran. Keep up the nice work. Cheers. Reza from Tehran.

and then today…

Good news. We have captured Tehran. We are going to bring Ahmadinejad down and once again our nations can unite in their battle against fundamentalists. We are about to free Iran. Pray for us.

Whether it's true, or whether it's wishful thinking on Reza's part -- pray for them. We need more Good Guys with us...


God Bless them and help them. Once the genii of Freedom is out of the lamp, there's no power on earth that can stuff it back in.

That is encouraging indeed, let us hope that Reza keeps popping up so we know they are okay. 

That would be a BEAUTIFUL thing, and a wonderful way to start the new year.
Yes it would be beautiful until they heard the rumbling of Tanks coming down the highways.

Then I'm not so sure.

Anyway, pray for them and hope that they can break open the armories and that there is plenty of ammo.

Papa Ray