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Today's Weather: Sunny and Clear

With localized Aluminum Clouds.  That's the weather in Kabul these days.  Something that will be more common (the aluminum clouds, anyway) as the Surge surges.  Heartless Lib sends:
Something you don't see very often: a C-5 sitting on the tarmac next to it's Antonov brother.

Also interesting was what rolled off the Antonov: tracked vehicles. With Iron Crosses on the side. (No, I'm not worried about OPSEC. They rolled them off in daylight, at Kabul International Airport, in front of God and everybody.) My guess is that Kunduz and/or Mazar-e Sharif can't handle the Antonov, so they'll either fly them up on a C-17, or HETT them, although I don't envy any trucker hauling them through the
mountains and the Salang tunnel this time of year.

Yeah, we old cold warriors will always do a double-take at something like German kit rolling off a Russian aircraft sitting next to a USAF transport.


Peace of Earth...Good Will Toward Men. Well our men anyway...those other asswipes are gonna get their butts kicked. Russian aircraft flying German von Ribbentrop around?
@Fish, I would dare say, if you listen *real closely*, you can hear von Ribbentrop spinning in his grave.  In your mind, can't  you just imagine, what he would be saying? "[REDACTED NOT RULEZ COMPLIANT!]"

 Ah heck,

  I remember the first time we flew into Furstenfeldbruck, and saw all the West German Luftwaffe jets parked along the tarmac, all cammoed and wearing black crosses.  Gave me the willies for awhile there, that's for sure.

  So far, so good, though.......  

 Meant to add.....

   My son sends his best from FOB Shank.  Says it's cold as all get out, but otherwise all good so far. Kid's learned a lot these past couple years. I tried to teach him what i could, let the Army teach him the rest.

  I worry, but damned if I don't wish I was there too.

  It's in the blood, I suspect. Has been in pur family for generations.
First time I saw an Mi-17 with four rocket-pods heading directly at me, I thought, "Cripes, they won't even find any pieces of me."

There's more former Sov stuff in the air around here than you can shake a stick at, if you could find a stick...