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The Whatzis, day three...

Man, Og didn't even show up yesterday, and this is classic Oggian stuff.

First up, two more pics of fiddly-bits, related to each other and the previous ones.

Lastly, for those of you concerned about annoying the owner of the carpet - here she is, supervising this morning's activities.  Meet BiBi.  Which is short for what the Auld Soldier named her - Bitch in the Basement.  She's a tough cookie who wears her name proudly, and works hard to live up to it.


She's giving you the Evil Eye treatment there, looks like. 

uhh... arm for an MG belt-linker?
At last, something I recognise.

It's a cat.

I left a comment but it didn't go through.

I recognize the mechainsm but can't place it.

Weeellll, at this point I'd go with fiddly bits for a drum mag of some sort.  But it won't be 'cuse you know that, didn't you.
The "crank" looking piece fits  in the groove of the ipper piece, and is secured in place by three screws sapced at 120 degrees. The "L" shaped piece in the other picture is held on by this  piece, the cylindrical bit going through the center of the 'Crank" shaped bit. I remember assembling one of these things, I'm sure of it- but I'm damned if I can tell you what the hell it is.
something about it putting me in mind of a breach opening crank handle
Not shiny enough to be some kind of sight or instrument.  I kinda go with RRM, but it's all  too small to be one of those. Some kind of weird armorer's tool?
Who you calling weird, JTG?

A. Takes one to know one.

B. Weird tools are just fine. E.g., I own a breast drill.

C. I just want to make it plain that I wouldn't call anybody a tool unless I really disapproved of him  and thought he was stupid. Those conditions don't apply to anyone around this here URL, to my knowledge.