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“Welcome to the morning show…. This is Jack Diamond..”

“And this is Jill Hill…. We are the Jack and Jill Show.”

“KJLE now has an exclusive interview with Santa Claus.. all the way from the North Pole and he will take a few phone calls from the good little boys and girls listening to us.”

“Hello, this is Jack Diamond…what is your name?”

“Damian,” came a boy’s voice. “Santa, I want a video game console, a new bicycle, roller blades and some really nice CDs. I want a radio controlled car and …”

Santa laughed softly, “Damian, I can only fit so much into my sleigh, but I will do my best.”

At the radio station, the two announcers silently shook their heads and looked at the jolly old man facing them.

“Thank you, Damian…next.”

“Hello, my name is Abbie..”

“How old are you, Abbie?” asked the female announcer.


“And what would you like Santa to bring you?”

“Nuttin. I want Santa to give Daddy a big hug from me..and all my love.”

“That is very nice, Abbie. But why don’t you give him one yourself?” inquired the kindly man the announcers had introduced as Santa.

“He is not home this year…he is gone.”

“Why is he gone?” Jack queried.

“He joined the miltary.”

“Where did he go?”

“To fight bad guys…” the little girl whispered.

Santa nodded to himself, “I will be sure to give him a big hug for you and all your love.”

“My mommy said you went everywhere so I know you can find my daddy, Santa.”

“I will find him, Abbie.”

“Ganpa said he would take us to see daddy for Christmas..”

“That’s great, Abbie. Where is your Daddy?”

“Arlington….Ganpa said he is the first in our family to go there. We’re going to go see him.. Daddy is my hero.”

Santa sniffed back a sob and whispered, “I will find your daddy in Heaven and do exactly what you asked for, Abbie. “

“Thank you, Santa,” the little girl sighed as she hung up.

Tears silently moving down her face, Jill muttered, “Now for a commercial break..”

Santa stood, “Sorry, but I have to go..”

“But why?” Jack asked.

“Most people know me as Santa Claus, but I am also Saint Nicholas. Going to Heaven is easy, but I have to stop off somewhere first.”

“Oh, right.” Jack laughed.

“Yes, the folks down at Fiddler’s Green will know her father and just where he is.. I have a hero to hug and give all his little girl’s love. When you get the call, you go.”

On his way to the door, Santa paused and looked at the saddened female announcer, “Jill, your grandfather is glad that your uncle made it back from Afghanistan. He was watching over him the whole time. Said he was sorry about that Purple Heart, but he tried to steer him around that ambush.”

“You never said you had family in the military,” Jack accused his partner.

“We never told anyone about it,” she revealed softly prior to hugging Santa Claus, adding, “St. Nick, give Abbie’s father my best.”

“When you try to visit Abbie,” Santa whispered to the woman, “She lives in the only house in town to have a gold star in the window. You give her my best.”

When you get the call, you go. Especially if you are to find a hero in Heaven.

Written by longtime reader and occasional commenter Vegcook.

When you get the call, you go.

Trite - but true.  At least in my world.


For some reason my monitor is all blurry...I don't often have conversations with the Man Up There, but maybe tonite is the night to break that tradition.....