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Phew - That Settles My Worries



In a few days, my leave ends and I'll get to find out what 'increased security measures' are in effect now. Better late than never! Good thing this last terrorist was apparently an idiot.
Gotta admit, they DO remind me a lot of Barney Fife.  Too bad we don't have an Andy Taylor to keep them in line.
Good thing this last terrorist was apparently an idiot.

Rather, it's a good thing he didn't pay attention to his instructors and wait until the binary had become a heat-sensitive charge rather than just flash powder.

We've been incredibly lucky so far, but with a politically-correct, clueless idiot like Janet Napolitano in charge, it's only a matter of time before the dirtbags score a hit...
Yes one does not rely on the lucky miss forever.
Or, as General Sullivan put it (and I'm sure have others):

"Hope is not a method."
There is a lot of blame to go around, but I really can't fault the TSA on this one considering that the flight didn't originate here.  Keith is flying back from Florida tonight, so it will be interesting to see what changes they have made since the new security measures were hinted at earlier this week.  I got him this little toy "gun" for Christmas (hey- he's a boy, and boys need toys at Christmas, right??) called a "Cat-a-Pult" that launches little kittens from the top, like a catapult.  He was going to take it with him because he knew his brothers would get a kick out of it, but we were afraid it would have been confiscated either in checked or carry-on luggage.  Sad times.