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Merry Christmas 2009, from a blizzard-bound Castle Argghhh!



Merry Christmas, John!!
Merry Christmas John & Beth. You were among the very first MilBlogs I ever found, and I have enjoyed every minute of it since.

May you both have a wonderful and profitable New Year too!
Merry Christmas, dear friends!
Merry Christmas to you and yours, may the day be filled with laughter and your home with love.
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!  I'd have taken some of that snow, by the way ;-) 
Merry Christmas.
Durn multi-posts.
Keep that blizzard, I just finished digging out the drive! Frohliche Weinachten, alle!
Merry Christmas, John  & Beth, and all of the rest of you too.
 Heh.  That drift in front of the door is about 18 inches higher now than it was this morning - not that we got 18 inches of snow, oh no! But the wind and the drifting is pretty spectacular for this part of the world.
Merry Christmas to John and Beth and the Castle menagerie.
I must admit that it looks pretty, but then I don't have to live in or shovel it!  We were cold here for Christmas too, as it only got to about 70 deg. F, but sunny and very pleasant (sorry).
Merry Christmas

Sharon and I stayed in today and watched all the neighbors shoveling their sidewalks and driveways. I decided to wait until tomorrow, I hear we might get some more and why do it twice?

Have a happy and safe holiday.

We have been having rain for the last 48 hours here in the Great White North.

We still have some snow, but not that much.

Keep warm and Merry Christmas.
Keep warm, have a very Merry Christmas, and a great new year.
By the looks of the U-shaped depression, the Exterior Guard is the only staff venturing in-and-out of the front door...
Merry Christmas all.  Looking from the UAE, that snows is beautiful!  It did get down to 59F the other night...
Indeed, Bill.  I went out the side door to get into position to take the picture.  Only lost my footing once. That still hurts.
I'll raise a glass to you and Beth tonight.