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Let us have a whatzis...

A triple,even. What are they (one's gonna be pretty simple), and what do they do what they do for...?  C'mon, there's even a scale cue in the picture...



Too small for a Belgian (or other nationality) poo flinger.
Rem. Speedmaster .22 bolt on the right.
Charging handle for ??? at top.
And a ????? on the left.
I have no idea and my stubby Italian fingers couldn't put them back where they belong anyway. And what's a raccoon doing in the house?
Oh, that's Sven's  bottom end of his spinal column.
No, Boq, that's DamnCat's, not Sven's.

Sven's is black.
Lessee. Striped Tabby, agouti-type fur, generic drab wild kitty colors. Amirite?

Oh, the curved thingy? Obviously an extended magazine for a mouse gun. 2mm Kolibri?
It's a cat's tail. That one is solved. Oh, it's the other thing appears to be a sight from your collection from a bygone era, like some of us.
 Probably not bayonets; note the absence of excessive blood spilled.

Thumbscrew, lock, and guide thingy for somekinda azimuth indicator.
Extra parts left over from setting up your Lionel train set for your grandson. I always had parts left over just from the cattle car thingy.
I'm with Mr Thorsen. The screw threads into the curved piece to provide locking adjustment for some kind of azimuth device or other. The other piece, I dunno.

 Unrelated: Can you do a post that demonstrates the proper use of stacking swivels? Friend of mine and I want to do a New Years post with the arms stacked properly. Though there are several nationalities present and all  may not play nicely together. he has, for instance, several Springfields. A couple 1917 and 1914 rifles. Garands. M14. Etc.
Knob-like thingy - the elevation ratchet fromanM1/M14 rear sight? The spindly thing on the right - an igniter (quick match? my terminology iw rusty) for a muzzle loading cannon/howitzer (the kind you attach a lanyard to if you don't feel like just touching a burning wick or punk to the hole).  The curved thing - part of a left-handed razzlefratchet.
Now this is going well.  I like Fishmuggers (very wrong) answer best, though. 

Navig8r - I like your thinking, but that would be a hellabig M14 if that was the rear sight ratchet...  which, of course, it's not.

Og - if I can remember, I can probably provide.