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Forty Years Ago, This New Year's Eve...

...I had just been shot down for the second time since arriving in a small country that doesn't exist any more seven weeks previously, thereby establishing my bona fides as a contender for the new Bullet Magnet in the outfit.

One of the guys I work with over here -- and during previous conversations we'd discovered a dozen "Two Degrees Of Separation" between us -- said, "Yeah, that's probably about the time you just figured, 'Lord, Thy Will be done,' and kept on keepin' on..." And, thinking back on it, he'd pretty much tagged it.

Five minutes later, I opened up my e-mailbox and found a note from Mike Yon and a link to his photo essay, Into Thine Hand I Commit My Spirit.

Okay, it's *obviously* only a coincidence, here, but I'll share it, because it has an application to *this* New Year's Eve, too.

The War in Afghanistan has truly begun. This will be a long, difficult fight that is set to eclipse anything we’ve seen in Iraq. As 2010 unfolds, my 6th year of war coverage will unfold with it. There is relatively little interest in Afghanistan by comparison to previous interest in Iraq, and so reader interest is low. Afghanistan is serious, very deadly business. Like Iraq, however, it gets pushed around as a political brawling pit while the people fighting the war are mostly forgotten. The arguments at home seem more likely to revolve around a few words from the President than the ground realities of combat here.

My emphasis on that last, because, forty years ago, that's *exactly* what was going on.

The big difference is that, rather than disputing the words of POTUS forty years a-gone, the MSM will likely be touting the words of this particular POTUS as gospel.

But they'll be just as wrong in doing the latter this coming year as they were in doing the former forty years ago...


 Yup. It was Congress' own recalcitrance and spite that allowed the North Vietnamese to invade and assimilate South Vietnam. It was Congress who set the stage for the "killing fields" and the genocide that followed.

A Congress with a Democratic Majority who refused to honor America's commitments and promises to South Vietnam, cut off aid, and allowed that poor nation to die a horrible death, and then be shackled with the absolute evil of communism.

Our military didn't lose in Vietnam, and it didn't lose Vietnam. Congress did, with the help and assistance of a sycophant press. 

The real history of Vietnam must ALWAYS include the cowardice, avarice, and truly shameful actions of our Congress. Our nation, and especially our military, deserves a better class of cretinous lawmakers than we had then, and have now.
The MSM has been touting Afghanistan as the "new Vietnam" for a few years now- something that sane people could see through and ignored.  Unfortunately, they are hellbent on making sure the entire country- and world judging by the article Argent sent in email the other day- believe that this IS the "new Vietnam".  It makes me sad and angry all at the same time.

And speaking of Argent and Murray... Happy New Year, as it is already January 1 down under.
Oh, and btw... please do go read Yon's dispatch.  It is one of his best ever, and says so much, with so few words.  It is stunning.
I see one major difference to the Afghanistan war.  The internet.  While reader interest may be low because the media isn't whipping it into a frenzy, and Snowbama's ratings are plunging, and goodness knows their work is cut out for them to revive interest in Teh One, I see a readership who will be better-informed because of the web.  While I do not have broadcast media for a variety of reasons, I DO have the web because I can read what I want, when I want and decide for myself without having to listen to pre-recorded agendas.

There will also be a distinct lack of respect toward our military. 
...their work is cut out for them to revive interest in Teh One.

We've noticed it's already ramping up. So far, I've seen him labeled as "the post-modern President," "the post-racial President," and, according to the last cover of Newspeak I saw, "the post-imperial President."

Personally, I think of him as "the post-turtle President."