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Caption Contest (Evil Eye Edition)

As I am unsure of the provenance of this picture, I do not know whether the Petty Officer was Photo-shopped into it or not.  But, if he did a peek-a-boo in the flesh, I wonder what he was thinking.



"Man, look at that!  I really wish I hadn't had the clippers that close when the ship rolled the way it did!"
Look closely.  Their noses are almost identical.  I'll bet they are related.
Man, get some pants on, dude!! 
Are you guys done yet?  I only get 30 minutes for lunch you know!
"Lifelike, isn't he?"

The evil statues only moved when no-one was looking, and Jim-Bob had the looking duty that day ...
 BCR! That is hilarious!
Snappy go get my car! 

Rich, they have to be related. Looks like Admiral Pops and his boy the Petty Officer.


Dang!  Dad has a bald spot.

That's my future?!

So much for the love machine and the ladies......

Hmmm, perhaps a rogaine, viagra, enzyte cocktail?
Kevin, Kevin, Kevin - baldness skips a generation... and comes through the mother's side.  You've met the Auld Soldier...
". . . looking duty . . . "
The best!
By the way thanks for the spell check.
  I believe that the two people in the picture are the same.  One years younger and green, and the older, now a LDO, or line officer, probably a line officer, looks like he is wearing a command pin. Can LDOs become line officers?  Showing where he started and where he is now.  That is a Capitan O6, not an admiral.  Four gold stripes are for Navy Captains.  There would have to be a solid bar stripe then the smaller stripe for him to be admiral or even commodore.  It could be his son showing what can be accomplished through the years.  But I think this is an official photo for command use.  Showing other people that see it what can be accomplished from starting out as a  smurf to being a Captain.  However, it could be photo shopped.  Any who, Merry New Year everyone.  Excluding a few elite domestic terrorists (and YOU KNOW WHO you are) and those pesky foreign terrorists..
Caption: "So that's how it's done, *earn* it" 
 "Kevin, Kevin, Kevin - baldness skips a generation... and comes through the mother's side."

Really, John?  Then explain how every male on my dad's side got bald in three successive generations, and my mom's dad, my uncle, and his son had full heads of hair to the end.

"You've met the Auld Soldier"

Indeed, I was honored to do so on many the occasion. 

However, I believe that the Colonel was suffering from a common malady suffered by many on this blog:   MPB.  Military Pattern Baldness.

Harkening back to the murky beginnings of time, warfare and whomever developed the first helmet, military personnel have suffered from this otherwise avoidable profession-based curse. 

Constant wearing of military caps, hats, helmets, shakos, busbies, kepis, etc tend to wear down them old folicles and this results in MPB.

In fact MPB can also be found on the lower legs and ankles as well, due to the constant rubbing, wear and tear that military issue boots and socks produce.  My lower legs are but one such example of this.

Fortunately, the hair on my head is of a tougher sort and no MPB there.

So John, aside from you having some (not so) latent neanderthal and sasquatch genes lurking in your DNA, what is your excuse for not having MPB?

Well, excessive self-love can do that too... although Wikipedia does support  your plaint.
So John, aside from you having some (not so) latent neanderthal and sasquatch genes lurking in your DNA, what is your excuse for not having MPB?

Both of my grandfather's had full, bushy heads until the day they died.  And it wasn't for a lack of trying - I wore a helmet for three years straight out at the NTC...
"Well, excessive self-love can do that too"
I thought that caused hair to grow on your palms?

Seriously, when I was young my Dad used to tease me that early baldness ran on his side and early graying ran on my mother's side.  He said if I was lucky, I'd get both.  Sure enough at 16 it started  That was ok because it got me into bars at 17....who is going to card a gray haired lady?

But when I was pregnant with my second son Frankie at 26, big clumps of hair started falling out.  I was nearly hysterical.  My father was doubled over with laughter.

It grew back.  Whew!  Good thing, because my tiara wouldn't look good resting on a bald head.
I have no caption... but I do agree that they are either related, or the same person.  Cool glimpse into the future.
The ears seem very similar. 
Looks 'shopped to me: look where the POs left arm crosses behind the Flag, you'll see a think white line.
JTG - I was thinking the same thing, not that I'm an ear expert or anything.

Byron - I think the line is the edge of the star point at that spot on the flag.  Still could be 'shopped, tho.
May not be an LDO or Mustang-- no Good Conduct Ribbon.    One I knew that had made ADM, RADM Parker, had too many campaign ribbons for his Undiscovered Crime ribbons to show.  He was particularly proud of his WWII ribbons, earned in surface action in the Slot. 
NaCLy Dog - welcome to the Castle... especially as someone with a nick that made me think for a minute!
They are NOT related and are def not the same person. I worked with both of them on this ship when this photo was taken