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Amateur Hour

Whenever I can, I try to listen to John Batchelor.  I find his eclectic take on Politics, The Economy, GWOT and Science quite refreshing from the usual heavy-handed approach that SOME in Conservative Radio have.  It is not always easy, for he goes on air, in the wee hours in the evening.  Not as late as those Big Foot/UFO Chasers, but late enough that it's hard to always follow live on my radio.  Thankfully, there is such a thing as Podcasts now-a-days.

Last Sunday night, John interviewed Larry Johnson on the latest on Obama's new policy in Afghanistan.  Where upon Mr. Johnson dropped-in this show-stopper:

The prescient UnkaBill, as if knowing where my thoughts were heading, commented on this same subject.  If you ask me, the way The White House handled this tells me that they had some low-level flunkies draught-up McCrystal's marching orders, and either didn't bother to inform the higher-ups or the higher-ups didn't bother to read their flunkies' reports.

It is obvious to me that the inner sanctum of Obama's sycophants had other more pressing issues to focus on, e.g. Cap and Tax, Healthcare, etc.

Oh, and if you are interested.  John Batchelors Podcasts can be found HERE



Dang, my RSS feeder only showed the first few lines-- up to the "hard to listen to him live" part-- so I hopped on over rather late to tell you that they offer podcasts. ^.^

I love how he sounds like he should be wearing a fedora with a PRESS card in the headband, and trench coat with a tie.....