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Well, I got my deer

With my trusty 150.


Out near Jarbalo, while towing a trailer with a cannon on it down to Texas.

Which will now have to wait.

Sigh.  Bound to happen out here eventually.  Better the F150 than the Aztek.  The 150 will need a new bumper and some fascia, and a fog light.

The Aztek would be headed for the junkyard.  Which would be sad, because it's paid for and we expect to get another 5 years out of it, and we really don't need a new vehicle.


Ouch!  Sounds like you got off easy.  Be careful out there!

You hit Bambi??? Rudolph?? At least the F150 had a fighting chance.

I didn't hit the deer...the deer hit me. I had all my head lights and grill, but my quarter panel and right side door took a $2,400 shot from a deer being spooked by a local dog. Almost 50 years driving in the country with all kinds of deer and bears and in CT...Moose and I managed never to hit one. But they couldn't just leave me alone.

The Moose hit on the Meritt Parkway was 900 pounds. That had to be some ding. The F150 would have been toast. The bear hit on Interstate 287 here in NJ was medivaced with a helicopter. That, I think, was a bit much. We have plenty of bear...a Statey should have been able to save the tax payers a lot of money.
I can't remember if my wife hit 3 or 4 deer in her little Honda Prelude, all at highway speeds.  Just that for some strange reason, she only broke a headlight and gouges on the bumper.  Apparently that thing was so low to the ground that the deer carcass would fly right over the vehicle.
yeah, but did you get to keep the venison? Mmmm, venison ...
Glad to hear you came out okay, except for the damage to the truck.  Thankfully, I've never hit something like that.  Hit a dog once, on I-35 just north of Waco, headed to Plano to resume a business trip after attending my Oma's funeral in San Antonio earlier that day.  Last emotional straw for me that day.  Not much longer after that (after I'd managed to regain my composure - luckily, I was preparing to get off the interstate anyhow), as I was heading into Dallas, they announced we'd started bombing Baghdad with some Shock & Awe...
and that is why people in western kansas drive big vehicles with roo gaurds on the front.
35 years driving the in the Bambi capitol of North America where in some counties we have more deer per square mile then people and I have never hit a deer. One winter a suicide buck tried to take me out but just brushed a little salt residue off the back bumper. Now I ride motorcycle during the summers and I am afraid when I finally do hit one it will be on THAT. In a car or truck if you hit a deer you lose your deductible, on a motorcycle you could very well lose your life. Night riding contains a HIGH pucker factor up here.

At the risk of seeming craven, I think it better to hit a deer than swerve and hit something immovable.
It ain't your roadway, Bambi; stay the hell away.
Oh, Bambi was intent on suicide.  And I was towing a loaded trailer.  There was no question whether or not I was going to lock it up or not.


The image of Bambi spinning away will stay with me for a while, I admit.

That and the damned burned rubber from the tire (the mashed-in bumper was rubbing it) as I had to use the trailer ramps to get the leverage to clear the wheel.


That and I still don't have the mortars I was on my way there to pick up, which annoys the guy holding 'em, since he'd staged 'em and he's not going to move them back - which means they spend the rest of this week in the weather.

Sounds like Bambi screwed up more than your bumper.  I have gotten just one deer in my life.  Used my Chevy sedan.  What really ticked me off was the doe had to have crossed the westbound 3 lanes of traffic to get to me in lane one eastbound.  This during while driving back on I-70 to Denver on Monday night of Memorial Day weekend - the traffic was pretty tight. Swerving was definitely not an option, even if I had the time to react (which I didn't).  $1200 in damage to the hood/lights/quarter panel, back in 1980.  To make it better - my friend and her two kids were with me, and the 8-year old wanted to know what had happened.  Oy.
Is the cannon okay?
My insurance agent said hold steady and hit them, that is covered by comprehensive. Swearve and hit a sign or someone else and you are dealing with collision, higher deductible and better chance of getting your rates raised.
The 'roo bars most people use around here are thin mild steel tubing, and we call them damage amplifiers. They can't take an adult deer.

In most situations where you might need a new bumper, those bars ensure you also need new lights, signals, grill, fender etc...
You did the right thing. A friend of mine didn't and I had to attend his funeral. Deer and vehicles are a dangerous combination.
Around here deer are a big problem, even in the middle of the city (OK, Nevada's small but still.) Not even all the dogs running loose seem to deter them.
I've never hit a deer, but I've had a deer hit me. I had stopped at an intersection because I wasn't sure if I had gone far enough to be at the right road (We now have road signs out in the county - finally) and I was just starting to accelerate when a deer jumped out of some bushes and hit the side of my car right behind me. He turned around and jumped right back where he came from, leaving me with a big dent in the side of my car. I think of that deer every time I eat venison, I consider it payback.
Just don't eat the liver.
J(NTA), the cannon was not harmed in the making of this rural moment.

We've rescheduled for next weekend, and I'm hoping Dave finds a tarp to cover the mortars.
Glad you're okay!
So the guy beside me at the light had a Corvette and he tried to entice a little run with my 928. I just smiled and waved as he took off. A couple of seconds later I was screeching to a stop and bouncing out of my car. The guy hit a deer. Picture the nose of the Vette scooping the deer up and having the deer plow into the windshield, back first. The deer kicked itself free as I yelled to the guy not to move, and pop the window so I could check him out. He had a bloody nose and I didn't know what else; so I tried to calm him down and get him to relax and not to move. When the Squad came they bolted him to a board and shipped him off.

The cops didn't believe we weren't racing; even after they found no points on my NJ license and no real skid marks on the road from my car. Good thing they didn't check PA, NY, CT and DE. I am always careful on the roads west of Morristown. The place is covered in deer. The Vette had a couple of feet of skid.

The guy ended up with just the bloody nose and some whiplash. I think his nose hit the steering wheel when he impacted the deer. The Vette was a mess.
Tagged a deer coming off a golf course while I was doing residential speeds (20-30; at that time (after dark) and place (twisty pot-holed road) probably closer to 20, but I couldn't swear to it) in my Ranger. Slowed down (no brake lock) and steered straight; impact was pretty much right on the turn signal cluster. My damage was some deer blood and hair - the deer walked off (presumably to die, it skidded pretty far down the road after the hit). I figure if I hadn't slowed down exacly right I would have caugh tit with the (plastic) grill or on the side panel someplace. I figure that was my wakeup call, I pay a LOT more attention to deer at night.

(WTF bambi is doing in a Union Co, NJ subdivision at 1930 hrs on a weekday is a quetion you get to take up with animal control).
I was hit by a deer at dusk on a four-lane busy road in Westlake, a suburb of Cleveland Ohio, on a freezing cold February night.  Darn deer ran across two lanes of rush-hour traffic to plow into my left front quarter panel and driver side door.  My car was only nine days old at the time!  $2,400 dollars of damage to my Ford Escape, and the deer limped off into the woods by the library to lie down and die (bleeding heavily and right front leg was obviously broken).  Again, what is Bambi doing playing in rush-hour traffic on a busy street???  We have misguided neighbors who feed them regularly....they wander freely thru the neighborhood.

What about all those people beating drums and blowing bugles on Sate Park land so hunters can't hunt. They stopped the bear hunt in Sussex Co two years ago and Sussex is lousy with bears. When they started to come into peoples kitchens, the hunt was on.

You can't shoot a shotgun or black powder within 450 of a dwelling or road. No rifles are permitted. The deer know this and congregate in my back yard. I can hit them in the ass with a banjo; which is a lot more fun then hitting them with my Buick.
I've had a couple of near-misses on River Road, off of the Great Miami here in southwest Ohio, but (knock on wood) that's all. It's an odd region that's about 1/3 suburban, 1/3 exurban, and 1/3 commercial, especially around the U.S. Route 27 & I-275 junction.

What about all those people beating drums and blowing bugles on Sate Park land so hunters can't hunt.

Doing all *that* spooks the deer and makes them more prone to dashing in front of your car. So far, I've only nailed two of 'em, both with the Jeep.

The herd of about fifty or so that haunts my neighborhood back home has learned through experience to wait until the cars pass before they thunder across the road...

They stopped the bear hunt in Sussex Co two years ago and Sussex is lousy with bears.

Back in 2006, the NJDEP relocated a black bear from Sussex to what they termed a "wilderness" area, and expounded on the local TeeVee station with much head-tilted sincerity that the bruin would now be able to roam *free* as Mama Gaia had intended.

The "wilderness" area was a five-acre marsh just outside the Trenton City Limits bordered by a strip mall, two housing developments, and the crossroads of two major highways. Six hours later, the bear was flattened by a semi.

NJDEP is full of environmentalists who grew up watching the Disney Channel. There ain't a genuine *biologist* in the entire Department...
Morris (IIRC) Co is running population control hunts (complete with game warden in your back pocket, according to a hunter friend who has participated in years past) on their county park land this year instead of hiring out "sharp"shooters. Per that hunter friend, the protestors are often out in force, though there is police presence.

I believe it's bow and shotgun, but I was getting the info from one of the Gannett "local" papers; so for all I know there could be a GAU season and/or a chainsaw season as well.
Oh Great! Massa has just given the good folks in McDermott Freeway down in San Antonio, good reason for a coniption or two.  I guess that they won't be profer a no collission discount this year.

About three years ago, back when I was still living in the wilds of Pennsylvania, this beautiful six-pointer comes bounding out of the woods and into a just harvested cornfield.  As he galloped paralell to the country road and in the same sense of  direction that I was driving a little voice spoke to me:

"That Crazy Overgrown Wood Rat is gonna leap out of that field and accross the road just around the bend that's comming".

I let off the gas in my Dodge Neon, and let it coast.  Sure enough, right before the bend, that Müdder Fokker makes a cut to his left, leaps accross the culvert, and bounds right in front of my car.  I miss him by a nary three feet.  Last I saw of him was his white upright tail as he darted into the woods on the other side of the road.

Don't get me wrong.  I love venison.  But sharing the front seat of my puny Neon with 150 pounds of venison would have soiled its upholstery.'s bow and black powder now; next week is shot gun (Dec 7) season for a week and then back to bow and black powder.

It's Bemer and Mercedes season in Jul. Pickup truck season in Sep and Semi season year round.

And're not allowed to harvest the deer you hit. A game control person comes around and picks up the carcass.

The most fun is nailing a skunk on the road. You have to park your car in someone else's neighborhood and walk home.
I commute on I-78 west of Springfield; it's ALWAYS internal-combustion season. And I have the wrong caliber car for that. (Incidentally, this makes the third or fourth post in my RSS reader that attempts to answer "What car for venison". The last story involved a vehicle that did NOT drive away under its own power. (Ambulance Driver's Blogorado hunt)

I hope game control at least donates the venison. Probably not though if they aren't harvesting immediately.
Hey you see the wildlife bridges we built over I-78 in Springfield,
Summit and Wachung? We totally fenced in the highway and the critters have 2 bridges to cross over the highway.

Japanese and Korean cars don't stand a chance. Most European cars don't stand a chance. An old Mercedes buit out of steele is good and a Lanrover will work. Most pickups and SUV's are high and big enough to guard the passengers but damage is great. A mini van is very bad.

And forget the deer whistles...they fall off in the car wash...and most of us think the deer like the music.
Put a 400 pound steel replacement bumper/grille guard on the front of my Dodge Ram just for this purpose. I had to change the front coils to commercial grade and weld gussets to the frame to support it, but Bambi'll be toast; I will not. E. Kentucky has a lot of deer.
That reminds me of  the driving lesson the Young Man had with me on the way to church.  Keep in mind he is driving the Precious and it is a two-lane road.  He sees a squirrel ahead, bounding into the road. I had enough time to react:  "SQUIRREL!  DO NOT SWERVE TO AVOID IT ESPECIALLY IN THIS VEEEHICLE!"  Idiot tree-rat was still in the middle of the road on his approach and as luck would have it, ran under the Precious.  No, the nasty thing didn't get run over, but the Young Man did slow down a bit, which, I think, enabled the Sylvan Rodent to live another few hours, if not days.

Being the Padawan Driver that he is, he asked of me:  "Why must I hit them?"  I told him basically the same thing:  Swerve and your risk of having bigger problems just multiplied.  Actuaries lie awake at night thinking of the calculations to prove their point, so until we live in an Algore World, hit the )@#($&(^&( squirrel/deer, etc.  Of course, it got into a whole thread about speed and observation but you get the idea.  I have hit a deer in the Precious and it is not an experience I would ever go through again, and the CLUs were with me at the time.
Growing up, my Dad had always wanted a Cadillac.  He had decided he'd made good on his life if he could ever buy one.  When the last of us four kids (that'd be me) was out of college, he finally got one.  He got a sweet deal on a cherry Cadillac sedan.  It had 7000 miles on it by way of some little old lady in Flordia who only drove it enough to knock the depreciation off it (while still maintaining all the warranty).  He was so proud.  He drove it home, and within a week of purchase was taking it (and my Mom) to church.   A deer jumped out in front of him.  VA State Trooper had to put a bullet to the deer, and my Dad's new shiney Caddy had $800 worth of grille damage.  Of course, it could have been worse, but it broke his heart to have his new toy busted up so early.

Me, I drive insanely carefully along the known deer roads here in Georgia.  I figure I'll tag one in the middle of town where I'm not expecting it before I'll hit one in the dark.
Never tagged a deer (knock on wood), but I have a pheasant and several wood doves to my car's credit.   Bird in radiator=weird looks from insurance adjusters.  

Just saying.
Yes, but just think, John.... how often does anyone get to see a deer hit by a truck towing a cannon???  Now *that's* a story!

(glad you're ok.  There was an Illinois college football coach killed this weekend when he crashed, swerving to hit a deer.)
 I have hit a bird before.  I'd gone with a group sponsored by the student activities board at Angelo State to a bowling tournament in Denton.  Since I was one of the university (student) employees, I was tasked with driving the 15-passenger van (I really disliked that - was not comfortable for short lil' ol' me on that 4+ hour drive).  Got a bird on that last stretch between I-20 & San Angelo.  Made a nice loud noise, but I don't think it did any damage.  All my passengers were in the back, sleeping, but managed not to wake up.
Oooh, have I got a TINS! about hitting birds in a Hubert...
I get on I-78 just west of those bridges; every so often I take the surface road through the Watchung reservation on the south side that those back up to. (At one point I commuted from Hoboken to Somerville, so yeah I'm quite familiar with them).

Given the choice between deer rutting season and sonw, I'll take the snow, thanks.