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The Human Spirit

At the American Veterans Center conference I recently attended, General David Petraeus mentioned a young wounded soldier as one of his heroes, saying they had recently gone running together.   Petraeus did not give the soldier's name or a whole lot of detail, and since I hadn't seen the story below, I couldn't help but wonder...  At the closing banquet, James Roberts, President of AVC, mentioned that it was Lieutenant Brian Brennan that Petraeus had in mind.

Here's an update on LT Brennan's remarkable story.

What made me think of it again today (and think to search for a report of Petraeus' run with him) was reading of another remarkable story, though this one is as tragic as it is heroic.  Apparently Rom Houben didn't have his own "Currahee" moment.  But both these men are surely heroes for their unquenchable spirits...