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Julie's Day

Long time readers will remember that some time ago we put out a call for prayers or whatever passes for "positive waves" in your spiritual life in aid of long time reader Jim B's grand-daughter Julie, who had a deployed father and was diagnosed with a very serious illness.

Whatever the metaphysics of it - Julie is fighting hard and soldiering on, and, as is not unusual in kids who face life-threatening illness, Julie looks outward, not inward.

Julie was approached by the Make A Wish foundation.  Did she want a Disney World vacation or something similar.  No.

She wanted to feed the hungry.

Click here, and let Jim B tell you the rest of the story.

Well done, doodlebug!


Well done, indeed.
Prayers UP! and on H&I fire mode.
The GA's have been on extended deployment there since early 2007...
She is a real delight. Again thanks for all the prayers. Her uncle Chris said, I guess I will have to take Arnold off the "spank list".