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Deja Vu

I didn't have a TV when Benson first aired, but I enjoyed it in reruns and so was happy to find it on Hulu yesterday.  This morning I discovered season 1, episode 5, and the last few minutes of the show just about made me fall out of my chair with laughter.  Oh, the parallels!

Setting:  It's 1979 and the governor misses his 8-year-old daughter's school play because the president has called him to the White House and the governor's state desperately needs help that the president can provide.

Click here and forward to 22:00 or less for something that'll make you laugh outloud if you don't cry first... 


For internationals- Hulu only works for the USA.
So sorry, Argent.  For those who can't watch Hulu, here's the story:

After the governor's daughter's play, she's told she has a phone call.  She answers, replies to unheard questions about how it went and keeps saying things like, "No, it's okay.  I understand.  Honest.  It's okay,"  etc.  When asked who it was, she says, "The president."

Benson says, "Really?"

Governor's Daughter (with a bit of surprise and confusion):  "Well, I'm not sure it was the president... He kept apologizing.  He was sorry he had to bring Daddy to Washington.... He was sorry Daddy had to miss the play.... He kept apologizing for everything!"

Benson (bemusedly):  "Then that must've been him..."

Studio audience loved it!
Hehe...I remember that one.  Thanks, Fuzzy!
No worries Fuzzy, not your fault.  Thanks for regurgitating the script :)