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Chicken Little

Every time that Attila of Argghhh goes to work, a cuddly Polar Bear is flung to its death.




Boeing kills cuddly white teddy bears. Sheesh.

That's about asinine as PETA's attempt to rename fish "sea kittens" to manipulate kids into bugging their parents to stop eating salmon, or something.

I thought the video meant that poly bears were formed from sky carbon. And airplanes were bad because the poly bears were spawned too high up in the sky.

Anyhoo, lots of good stew meat and skins for fur coats, so not a total loss.
Yes, the polar bears die.  But think of all the seals that live!  Which would have otherwise been eaten by the polar bears.  Are we pro-bear, or pro-seal?  Dang, what good is being pro-choice when either way you choose, something dies.

Thats the weight of three Al Gores!

Show me THAT video.
SO, if planes are so stupid, then how are all the tree-huggers going to get to Copenhagen for the *ahem* Climate Change Conference
Boat?  No
Car?  No
Planes?  YesYesYesYes!


Herr Goebbels would be proud!

A very effective ad.

Even if filled with lies and distortions and motivates people to do stupid things.

But, put a scantily clad babe (or hunk for some target audiences...) out there to sell whatever and that usually works too.

Nearly as demonic as selling socialism by branding it as "Hope and Change."
Would have been a lot more realistic if their guts went flying out their arsholes.

The effect would be KILLER.
Barb, I can't recall the title, but there was a documentary which recently premiered in New York about the dangers of widespread jetliner use, and how that creates/aggravates global warming.

One gadfly ran about asking celebrities "How did you get here?" It was so funny watching them go into brain lock while answering they traveled to on a jet to see the documentary!

The gadfly was then escorted out of the premiere. It's a darn good thing those environmental progressives care so much about free speech.

He later posted a video of the event, but I can't recall which site it was on. :(

Casey - that's classic!  The hypocrisy is so thick sometimes, it's astonishing.
Casey - is This the video you saw?
Heh. Canada culls polar bears by issuing 800 bear tags a year to hunters, and the numbers have been *growing*.

The EPA put them on the "endangered" list just to make Al Gore's claims more plausible -- but Little Brother The Now-Retired F&W Fed says there are so many of the bears roaming around now, they're going to be roaming residential neighborhoods looking for food before long.

Fun outfit, the EPA. They've put Canada geese on the list because "migratory numbers are plummeting." Of *course* migratory numbers are down -- the honkers've homesteaded every golf course and open field along the Atlantic Seaboard between Maine and South Carolina. Geese aren't migrating because

1. nowadays there's food and man-made lakes available for them year-round, wherever they settle, and

2. if they *do* start migrating again, their numbers will overwhelm their feeding-and-breeding grounds.

If the EPA ever actually gets off its collective dead butt and *counts* the things, the bureaucrats'll realize there are more Canada geese around than *mallards* -- which are legal to hunt.
When I watched that polar bear vid, I kept having flashbacks to WKRP In Cincinnati...

"As God is my witness, I thought that turkeys could fly!"
Bill, being a (northern-just-south-of-Hamilton) Cincinnatian, that episode breaks me up every time.

In all fairness (see above reference to Butler County residence) I see Canadian geese migrating south & north every year. It's a pleasant indicator from nature that the seasons are turning. Not gonna say the geese aren't taking advantage of envrionmental bonuses such as friendly locals with fresh bread, since most of the birds I've encountered don't seem all that leery of humans. Consider it adapting to local ecological conditions... :) Heck, I darn near ran over several goslings last fall as they quite confidently began crossing the road in the middle of our town center/green. Didn't seem to occur to them that my car might have right-of-way over baby geese. Heh.

Barb -God bless you- that is exactly the video I was trying to find! The producers have a website which you may find of interest.

The Atlantic Flyway is directly over "heat islands" caused by urbanization and increased suburban land use. Geese no longer have to forage for stubble in grain fields during the winter, because there's more grass available, and it's available year-round.

Of course, the single-biggest contributory factor is golfers -- building huge expanses of goose pasture just to have an excuse to hang around a bar that opens before noon...

[note to John -- okay, if *that* doesn't get Barb's commenting juices going, nothin' will]
Last week I was heading into the PX at dusk when I heard geese overhead - and there was a huge flock of them overhead.

As in two huge vees of three sub-vees each.  There must have been close to 5 hundred.  A guy walking by saw me looking up and and looked to see what I was looking at.

He said, "Wow."

I said - "Heh.  This is what the skies of Europe looked like in 1944, from the German perspective." 

He said "Really?"

I let that pass and went on.

They were flying north.

So far, our pond is only used as a small emergency field.  They'll come in trios, stop for a few hours, sometimes two days, and take off again.

Which is good.  If we ever had the 567th Bombardment Group descend on us, I'm not sure the pond would survive...
Ah - WKRP. The days when Loni Anderson was naturaly perky.
Yep - golf courses are wonderful geese attractors.  We've only been deterred from searching for a lost ball once, due to a particularly unhappy gander who did NOT want us anywhere near him and his (presumed) nesting place.  The Hubster was happy to drop a ball and play on ;-)
The biggest gaggle of geese I ever saw was in Denver, though.  The park across the road from where I worked contained many acres of open grass fronting a lake, and in the fall it would be literally blanketed by hundreds of geese at a time.
Just be glad the 357th Goose Force didn't drop their payloads. ;)

Great. Now I have a mental picture of a huge goose flight escorted by kingfishers darting in, out, and around...

Barb, I wonder how many times a goose decided golf ball was one of its' kids. Heh.

LMAO!  Nah - I've seen a real goose egg.  MUCH bigger than a golf ball.  I hope they wouldn't be fooled into sitting on them ;-)
I forgot to mention that there are occasionally geese sitting on the driving range in the mornings when we go to certain courses.  The hubster bet me that I couldn't hit one, and he was right.  Gotta work on my aim a lot more.
Love where this comment thread went.  Many happy memories of geese in the winter cornfields of Maryland and Delaware when I was a kid...  :)
Cooooollll!!  I just now got to see the video--the Air Force blocks all of that 3rd party stuff...  I say again cool!  Stupid, stupid, stupid, but cool.

Of course, I would say that living things falling from the sky and splatting is a bit off limits for the U.S. eh....  But hey, I've always found such garbage refreshing and invigorating, and as always, I'm reminded of several things:

1.  A saying:  I'm not a vegetarian because I love animals, I'm a vegitarian because I hate plants...

2.  God killed all humans but a few and all of the animals that couldn't get in the boat.... You think the Unicorns missed the boat?  A friend has a comic on her wall, a couple of dinosaurs are sitting on a hill watching the Ark float away, one says, "$hit, was that today?!?!?"

3.  A song that a long ago acquaintance claimed to have written, tabout killing baby seals.  It goes something like this:

Way up north where it is cold, you know they ain’t got no gold
They all make their living from the seal skins they’ve sold.
Me I like the killing, because it’s so fulfilling
And I hate to see a baby seal grow old.

You don’t bludgeon a seal ’cause you want a meal
You do it 'cause you like to hear the little ba$tard$ squeal.
You hit ‘em on the head, and you do it just for kicks
Then you poke 'em in the eye with your eye-pokin’ sticks.

4.  Euro-Weinies (as defined by P.J. O'Rourke in his EXCELLENT book, Holidays in Hell), and Ameri-libs (as defined by nothing I care to consider) are stupid, inane, and easily captivated by such drivel as this idiotic commercial.   Polar bears.  Right.  So how come all of the animal lovers aren't storming the zoos trying to get the insane (literally) Polar Bears and Elephants released back into the wild?  In Tucson years ago, there was a polar bear in an enclosure smaller than my house.  It would jump in the pool, swim in a small circle and get out--endlessly.  It was cool to watch unless you stayed there for 30 minutes and watched it do the same thing the entire time.  Then the reality of its life struck home and made everything feel bad--as it should!  There was also an elephant that spent all its time swinging its head from side to side.  That's it, nothing else.  These are animals that range over thousands of miles, one of them swims at will in the Arctic ocean, and yet we keep them in zoos to entertain ourselves.  The European zoos were worse than anything I ever saw in the States, especially the Nurnberg zoo in the 70s....  My point?  I like zoos, and I know they've iimproved, but I find it telling that the so-called animal lovers don't spend any time trying to get them closed down and the animals released into the wild.  Of course, there's a lot more that's wrong with the people who produced that stupid comercial.  Stupidplanet, indeed.  Aptly named for the place the makers came from....

Just Bah!
P.S. Geese suck if you have to live near them. 

There's a pond in Jefferson City, MO that fills with the nasty things every year.  They are the noisiest, nastiest, crapping-est, most annoying birds around and after a while, one just wanted to see them all on the dinner table.  Somebody elses.

I'm glad you all like them.  I hope they stay where you are.

Um, I said I was glad they didn't use my pond as anything other than an emergency diversion strip.

And that, yeah, it *is* cool see hundreds of them in the air... flying somewhere else.

It is great fun to watch them fly - but on the ground, they are right bastards.
ok, ok....  I hope they stay where those of you who like them are.

I'll take all the cardinals, jays, redwing blackbirds, house finches, AND whatever all manner of songbirds you have, but grackles, crows, and geese: those you can have

.... And hey, tomorrow's a good day to have roast goose, eh?  A new tradition.  That'll lern 'em!

And BTW, squirrels too!  The more eaten (or just shot and left to bleed out--whatever), the better! 
Barb & Casey the Inconvenient Question video was excellent!
Maggie, I guess we split the credit on that one. I remembered it, but Barb rediscovered it for me! All we need to do now is keep promoting it.

Sanger, #2 reminds me of an old Far Side cartoon, with the caption "The real reason dinosaurs became extinct," whilst they light up cigarettes...

And since we are on the subject of videos, and Sanger hates squirrels, he might enjoy the embarassing antics of Drunken Squirrel. I kid you not; that sucker really was drunk.