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Caption Contest - This is the church, this is the steeple Edition



Smile - Clap On
She looks like a child who has answered a Jeopardy question correctly...Or maybe it was "Are You Smarter Then A Fifth Grader"...
ooooo.  JW, yer mean.  How's yer new job?
well, that sure ain't the way Barbara Eden used to do that pose.
At the recent tryouts for the role of Harley Quinn...
"Now here's a big word ... rictus!  Can you say rictus?  I *knew* you could!"
For the love of all that is holy, this woman knows what prayer is?
Maybe just a little too much Botox ?
(thought balloon):"Someday, Barry's cojones are gonna be right here, then (SLAP!), they're all mine...



What? You want ME to bend over like the President did? In yer dreams, bozo...

That woman's expression to the left of the BBFN clintion is NOT good. She does not look amused. And I bet she is a person that you should not be causing to have that look.  
Look at me!  I'm Hindunesian! 
Notice that only one person is looking at Hillary and that look says everything you need to know.
Rahm Emmanuel is keeping a careful watch out for any
nosy CentCom general officers seeking answers.
Clinton: "Note to self. Electric Ben Wahs, not a good idea."
"Stupid gnat, Gotcha!" "NOOOO! That was my uncle!"