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Argghhh-onauts: 'Leven

Now, one of the conundra a 'toonist faces is maintaining that monomolecularly-thin line between the willing suspension of disbelief and flat-out absurdity.

Since the victim subject in the current series actually *is* a scientist, the 'toonist incurs the additional responsibility of insuring the storyline doesn't venture too far afield, moving into the realm of pseudoscience while maintaining the pretense that the arc actually *is* presenting hard science, rather than overblown speculation.

It's even more of a challenge when the 'toon appears on a respected MilBlog such as this, one that is reknowned for its elevated discourse and the refined, aetheric content of its posts and the astuteness of its readership.

So much for trolling for hits from The Corner.

But I digress. Here, there is a certain traditional, genteel decorum to be observed and there are additional lines which may not be crossed.


...but, sometimes ya just gotta say, "Eh!" to all that and go for the gag.

[n.b. Having hit our bandwidth limit for the month already, the photo-host is auto-downsizing the images and will for the rest of the month.  So, I tucked it up on the server, and if you'd like to see a *readable* version of this click that "view image" thingy there-> View image  -the Armorer]

[Ah. Much preferable to having to *draw* these things at 572 pixels wide. --Bill]


Oooo!  A bug-eyed monster, even!
wow.  A new cartoon and I didn't have to poke you with a stick to get it!  Looks like the shock collar training worked.  Now, can I interest you in some Balrog-B-Gon?  Now in conveniant spray, powder, tacky strips, and tactical nukes.
Heh.  This is for Bill, just in time for Christmas:

It shoulda been a link.

Now that I am home from church (where the Princess Kitty sang an awesome descant all by her lonesome on 'Beautiful Savior'), have tomato soup ready, and quesadillas being lined up,  I got a chance to sit down and reread the Balrog Mythos.

Bwahahahaha...especially the bug eyes.  They would do justice to the Taco Bell Chihuahua.  I wants me a stuffed Balrog.
 hmmm.  Maybe I could get Bill to let me have the license to make bug-eyed Balrogs.  Maybe that's the way to my fortune!!
Now in conveniant spray, powder, tacky strips, and tactical nukes.

Don't need any more tacky strips -- this one is bad enough. Although it *will* get worse before it gets better, and I'm working *reeeeeally* hard at doing that.

It appears there's an untapped market for Balrog Plushies. Cassie should be able to provide you the specifics for the battery-operated whip...
This is for Bill, just in time for Christmas:

Ooooh -- I wonder if that would work on a curvilinear surface...