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What a difference a day makes... the life of a liberal journalist who strays off the reservation.


"While it was a dumb thing to say, I applaud Rudin for quickly apologizing," [NPR ombudsman Alicia] Shepard wrote. "Journalists are going to make mistakes -- not intentionally but they will happen. Acknowledging them goes a long way to maintaining credibility."

Which goes a long way towards explaining NPR's *lack* of same.

NPR is still shilling for Gorebal Warming -- and most recently worried that portions of Antarctica were warming up.

The study was done during the Antarctic *summer*.

And the point of the report was that Antarctica wasn't warming as *fast* as it should have been. Temps stayed below -40C for weeks beyond the time it should have risen to a summer norm of -30C...
Come on ..... we know Antarctica is warming up because of the Atlanteans' nuclear reactor buried deep under the ice, which is now coming on-line in preparation for 2012  LOL
Just FYI: A 'portable' nuclear reactor was placed in service in the Antarctic in 1962 and was closed in 1972 in support of Operation Deep Freeze.

A modularized 'portable' nuc plant....  In 1962.  Hmmmmm....Makes you wonder, eh.

I think said journalist was on track BEFORE the apology.............

Funny how the whole 'shoe's on the other foot' thing pinches.