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We bought the Castle so we could shoot..., let's do some shooting!

This time, the FN PS90 that was put into my care for an evaluation. 

My assessment - for the purpose (home defense and zombie-tapping) the owner intends for it, the PS90 is sufficient to the task.

Clearly, however, I need a lot of work before I'm ready for PJTV...


Notice how the birds don't seem to care?

Awwwwww -- you fitted them with *earplugs*!

Interesting though ...... we don't hear the rooster crow again after 1:37.  LOL
Low décolletage is a problem?
Not if you're wearing a Nomex™ bodysuit...
Looks like you either lost weight or your beard got bigger. If it's the clothes, where can I buy some?
On yer Christmas list!?! Plastic techno-guns...?!! Get hold of yerself, man! It's not too late...!
Deep breaths, deep breaths...
Neffi - Guns bought with OPM* funds don't count... 

Just ask Congress.

*Other People's Money
Kudos to the subtitle editor....
Wellllllllll......... maybe. But anything with such a non-intuitive mag change gives me the creeps. Clip-loading the M1895 Austrian Mannlicher is bad enough, methinks, but bettter than *that*.
 I guess it all depends on how much M the OP have to spend, eh? But *I* would have them spend it elsewhere- on something that smells of cosmoline, not... *sniff*...  Armor All.

Aw helk,,,, I'm just jealous, cuz no OPs spend their M on me, and I ain't seen the fat guy in the red suit for many a year (snivel).
Still don't care for that plastic carp, tho...
Don't feel bad, Neffi.  No OPs have spent their M on me, either.  Not for the Arsenal, anyway.

I do get books, though.