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The Whatzis, answered.

Just to pique your interest - here's a magazine with a little pussy.

FN PS90 with a Colt Detective Special for a size cue.

So made you look.

You guys suck.  Especially Pogue. That was no fun for me at all, with you scoring it almost as soon as I put it up.  So much for doing modern stuff.  I'm sticking to things like puddling slag from the forges used to make the rivets for Roman pila, since I get accused of doing that anyway.

Yes, it was indeed the hammer group for an FN PS90.  A frequent commenter and dedicated Ron Paulist owns it and sent it home with me to test it out for him.  [Note to LE - yes, it's legal for me to have this weapon where I am and it was legal for him to give it to me.  Just sayin'.]

The P90 was developed by Fabrique National - Herstal, Belgium in the middle 80's.  The intent was to create a replacement for pistol-caliber subguns which were proving inadequate against body armor.   It is not a first-line troop weapon, with that funky magazine.

The weapon was designed to utilize a new cartridge developed by FN, their 5.7x28mm cartridge, which has greater penetration, lethal range and a flatter trajectory than most other pistol-caliber ammunition such as the NATO-standard 9mm round. The law enforcement/military versions have short barrels and are fully automatic.  The PS90 is a civilian-legal semi-auto produced for the US market.  it's massively plastic and aluminum to save weight. 

You want more detail, hit Wikipedia.

I'm going to try something new and do a video of breaking her down, re-assembling and firing it.   Probably end up being two videos - one of breakdown and assembly, the other of shooting it.

FN PS90 broken down to her major subassemblies.


Still .... I'd like to have one! 
$1200-$1600 or so will bring one home, Frank.
Hmmmmm .... closing on old house this Thurs.  LOL
John, that hidaway wheelgun you have there looks a lot like a pre-'75 Colt Agent?

I haven't checked serial numbers, but I know the Auld Soldier acquired it as a personl piece in 1950, and it has the half-moon front sight, so I'm pretty sure it's a First Series Colt Detective Special.

Lemme try to get this straight.  This is a _real_ weapon?  Not the latest update by Mattel?

[Note to LE - yes, it's legal for me to have this weapon where I am and it was legal for him to give it to me. Just sayin'.]

Izzat just palaver for us, or do they really check-in here to see what's to see?

Lamigra - yes, indeed, very real.

And yes, I've been trolled by LEOs at least twice.

Once was so obvious as to be ludicrous, many years ago (he did it from his .gov computer) and the other was more subtle, but still trolling.

While I'd rather they spent their effort elsewhere, if they want to test me with tales of unregistered machineguns and needing help disposing of same, I'll give it to them.

Arrange for a proper museum or local law enforcement to take possession.  Usually better to call the LE types first, rather than just show up with a belt-fed and walk in the door.

The last time was a guy claiming to have found machineguns lost during the Louisiana Maneuvers and wanted help selling them.

He allowed as he was pretty sure that was illegal, but could I help a fellow gun-geek out?

And I said sure.  If you don't have the papers on 'em, turn 'em in.  Much cheaper than going to jail.
James - when I went home and checked, I found my memory was faulty.  It's a Second Series pistol, with the early features of the 2nd Series.