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Sticking a fork into Seza... see if he's done yet.

Notice *which* Bren Mk 1 it is, Seza...

Note *which* Bren Mk 1 it is, sirrah!


 Czechoslovak-made ZGB-33 prototype machine gun in .303 caliber (???)
Um, well, it was rhetorical for SezaGeoff, but, urm, no.  It's a Bren Mark 1, and the *score* is the fact that it has the dial sight mount on it.  They quit making those when the war started and they had to simplify production to make 'em quicker and in greater numbers.
Very nice, John, but unfortunately I was away when you were trying to get a rise out of me!
Ah, but I got you anyway, didn't I?

;^ )