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Poachers beware!

Castle Security Enhancements® continue.

Perimeter security patrols are that much closer to getting much more interesting.

Browning M1919A4 mounted on an M31C pedestal mount.

Humorless libs and other anti-gun types sit at their screens aghast.  "You got all that mail-order!?!?!!!"

Well, more accurately, internet-order-delivered-by-UPS.


I assume you already had the gun and the rest is the mount for the Castle techincal. Should look real nice in the parades. And scare the heck out of tresspassers.
Ultra cool
Dave - your assumption is wrong, because of it's underlying assumption - that the gun is real.

The gun is in fact a steel parade dummy that came with the jeep.  The previous owner had intended to mount it, but time, life, and the budget got in the way.

I do have a shooter to mount, however.  Which is why that's a real M31C with cradle - the parade repros are generally not strong enough to shoot from.  Some even tell you you've got to use the aluminum dummy guns or you could break the cradle.

Humorless libs and other anti-gun types sit at their screens aghast.

You omitted an *h*...

Oh, who are we kidding, Bill?  They don't visit places like this anyway, except as a guilty pleasure they dasn't speak of to their friends and neighbors...

Well, except Mark Danziger, of course.
I'm telling Mark you called him anti-gun!
Oh, and Bill remembers when these things were *new*... 
Heh.  John remembers when both the Jeep and the gun were *designs.*

OBTW, John, Got any deer problems around the castle that need remidiated?
Nice try, Chuck.  Bill is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay older'n me.

Right now the only deer problems I have are the poachers ripping off backstraps and leaving the rest of the carcass.  Which either the dogs bring home or serve as coyote-buffets.

If you've got tags, I've got plenty of room for you to put up a stand.
Nice try, Chuck. Bill is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay older'n me.

Yeah, but I'm also waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay less mature, so it evens out.

John, can I put the son and dil in touch with you next year?   They were looking for hunting grounds (he bow hunts, she prefers rifle) when they were here on leave.