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Photo Of The Day

US Army Private First Class (R), of 2nd Platoon, Baker Company, 2-12 Infantry Regiment, 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, and US Air Force Airman Moulton return fire on enemy positions as the platoon came under intense fire during an ambush at the village of Lanyal in the Korengal Valley, Kunar Province, eastern Afghanistan on October 20, 2009. AFP PHOTO/Simon LIM (Photo credit should read SIMON LIM/AFP/Getty Images)



i'm thinking PFC (R) either needs to change his name, or fire his publicist...
PFC (R) of *Baker* Company?

Who wrote the caption, Ernie Pyle?

Airman!!??  Geez, wasn't it bad enough having to escort Redlegs on our walkabouts!!??
WHY do photographers think the cool photos of guns always have to be from in front of the guns?
There must be a certain survivor bias in this. Cool photos from in front of the guns come from photographers who survived being in front of the guns.

Fred, I think the perspective is just off a little....

Those guys are not stupid, the wouldn't be standing up like that and firing in the open--they are crouched as low as they can get and still see the target over the wall that's on the left.  I suspect the photog is as close as he said wall as he can get looking up and to the side, even though it looks like he's in front of them.  In fact, the guy in the back has his SAW up on the wall, aimed to the right of the rest of the front two, from the looks of it...

What I like?  American soldiers are not to be trifled with.  Get 'em!....

BTW, BillT I love the comment... Yeah, huh...  Baker company.  Must be the cooks have been called up...  heh.

There's a senior SNCO somewhere digging through unit rosters looking for a PFC (R) assigned to a 2nd Plt, Baker Co in order to write him up for having an unsecured drinking tube. The "Irish Pennants" of those body armor straps will also be part of the charges.
Lot's of photo's show guys with kneepads dangling below the knee, now is this because they refuses to stay put or do they do for comfort? If it's the former, why not sew a little tab into the pant leg to attach the knee pad to?
They're not kneepads, they're *shin* guards. They'll also protect the knees, though, when the wearer slams down on the rocks behind a stone wall.