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On this Columbus Day... I work from home, since the government office I normally work at is closed, let me wish our Canadian readers "Happy Thanksgiving" with a special nod to the Canadian Forces personnel who walk the walk beside us in Afghanistan.

That is all.


I too send thanks and a Happy Thanksgiving to our Canadian friends in Arms.

What I don't understand is why my bank is closed today? Did Columbus represent Banco Popular or something? He certainly wasn't the first to discover America. There were all kinds of other discoverers. I guess they didn't have a Flag and a good PR department.

It may be a good thing however as the United State of Lei Fung would be difficult to write a song about.
Well, now you're conflating who is credited with the exploitable discovery vice the cartographer who managed to name it...
Lei Fung was a Johnny-Come-Lately. If I recall correctly, we sent Murka the Stumblefooted across the Bering Isthmus first, just to make sure it was safe enough for the rest of us.

It all evens out. We'd still be 'Murkans...

Thanks for the thank you, we are blessed up here with some remarkable people, both the ones who serve on the front and the ones that wait for their loved ones to come.