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Calling Sailor Doxie

Game-show hostesses sure can keep it professional.  Did she say: "I'm a  *** Old Woman"???

I'm sure that someone by the North Shore will require some restraining.



Oh. My. God.

What network does this air on now?  I'm embarrassed for her, and for him...
I thought it was kinda cute. She was just being your usual, overly sweet, sweety type lady.

This could be construed as a bit of fallout from the long domination of wimmin by the male patriarchal anti gyno his-story types.

You see? it works like this...

Wimmin don't have all those many many many generations of going to strip joints to get their lewd and lascivious on, so the evolution control team never saw any reason to insert self control genes into the wimmin line of advancements.

PS. Wimmin used above to differentiate made up fabrications from real people.
Ladybug...what are you embarrassed for him for? He is a trained Naval Aviator skilled to handle any and all situations...and she wants to learn all about carrier landings.
Yee-haaaa!!!  Now that's how grown-up healthy men and women used to act around one another before the overly religious and the not-gettin-none prudish, and the down-right assinine got to be so noisy that the rest of us just hide our true selves from the outside world!   I sure do miss that sort of freedom to be honest about the fact that we are sexual beings....  Sheesh.

That was refreshing and way fun to watch!!  Good for her!


  As an Airdale, I resent the implications that this was in any way outlandish or improper bahaviour.

   We have a reputation to maintain!

      Man prolly needs a place to stay until the next episode... and someone to comfort him....  and... and... well, WHATEVER!

Oh, my, I'm with Meredith Viera (I think that is her name)  - he is HOT!  Dang.  What fun! 

I guess that makes me an old horny woman too!
I can't realy blame the poor woman. It's the "Joe handsome" mixed with the uniform thing. She is only human after all.
Now of course if he was a Marine in Dress Blues she might have lost all control and jumped him right then and there.
Used to happen to me a lot while in blues ....
just not with game show hosts.

My opinion of Ms. Viera only improves. 
However, think of the outrage if it had been a male game show host and a female contestant.
Double standard, anyone?
Oh, I find him quite attractive myself, and the uniform only adds to the interest.  However, I would never be so blatant about it, especially in such a public forum.  I think it was grossly inappropriate for a "family game show"...
So how do you think the media would react if that had been an older male host and a much younger female? Do you think that a public hanging would have sufficed?

Can you say double standard?
I completely agree about the double standard if the contestant had been female and the host been male.  It's got nothing to do with being "sexually liberated".  It's got everthing to do with common decency and the unfortunate coarsening of today's society.
LOL, well he's definitely too young and pretty for me....but it is funny to see how helpless she is in the thrall of the summer whites.

jim b leans in to the mike....... pauses ... and sits back.

If he was sensitive, in-touch with his feminine side, and a registered Dem, I'm sure even Katie Couric would have felt a tingle run down her leg.  LOL

I see nothing wrong with her reaction, he is HOT and smart and got quick fingers :o)  
I do agree that she probably would have lost control entirely if those were Marine blues :o)
The questions and the answers were crying to get played and they both used an opportunity to do so :o) I am really sorry that the art of double entendre got exclusively delegated to the James Bond movies... the thrall of the summer whites.

Interesting reaction to the Pillsbury Doughboy-In-Training suit...

In all honesty, Bill, I'm not too concerned about WHICH uniform a man in wearing, so long as it's military...
Hmmmmmmm -- you consider the Navy to be *military*?
My fantasy date is Navy, so, most definitely....
jim b leans in the the mike to sing ... he pushes a button on the casset player ... the tune "in the Navy" plays ..... jim b thinks ... hits the off switch and sits back
jim b is a disgusting man. Very, very funny, but disgusting. I know I laughed.

I also belly-laughed -out loud- at that clip. I take the point about the reverse case, but I would suggest that public mores have been perverted to the point where a man is not allowed to publicly flirt with a woman any more.

Case in point: would anyone have been offended if (say) Groucho Marx or Johnny Carson had called themselves a "horny old man" in similar circumstances?

I would also suggest that PC behavior has engendered significantly puritanical attitudes which are counter-productive to not only flirting, but healthy human behavior.

If you have a problem with this, you would most likely prefer to censor at least half of Shakespeare's plays, for he was an earthy bastich... :)

"NO - NO, Not THE Horn!"
"I-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-i-n the Navy,
You can sail the seven seas!
In the N-a-a-a-a-v-y-y-y-y,
You can catch a weird disease..."

"The Navy: It's not just a job -- it's a *date*!"

Pfffffff. Too easy...

jim b looks at Bill ..... works every time... give him a set up and  he takes off with it.
*slides Scoresby bottle down the bar*

*swoon..... THUD*
" Is that a Telefunken U47 in your pocket or are you glad to see me? "