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A Rant Of Fresh Air

Being a recovering Californian (well Californian resident for only 14 months),  It is refreshing to hear some common sense spoken in Sacramento.



Sounds like he had enough.  Must suck being treasurer and being unable to stop the bleeding.

Speaking "truth to power!"

Change "Kalifornia" and "Legislature" to "Washington" and "Congress" and every word he said applies just as well.

A breath of sanity from the nutjobs on the left coast.  Remember it well, we never see it again.

Holy sh*t.  I never would have believed it.  A dyed-in-the-wool Democrat tearing up the Democrats in the legislature!  Maybe there is some hope here in Califunnya after all!  I've been preaching to a short radius of audience for a couple of years now that we need a part-time legislature that meets once every 2 years, gets paid only if it produces a balanced budget on time, passes no more laws without rescinding some one-for-one, and bases all environmental legislation on zero economic impact.  Most everyone I talk to says it's a great idea, but how do we get there? Our State government is completely broken and no one knows how to begin to fix it.  
 Nice to hear what he's saying.

Too bad he's 10 or 15 years too late saying it. Hell, he's been in elective office since 1973, right in the midst of the crowd running the state into the ground.

Better late than never, I guess.