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A little gun pr0n to brighten up your day...

...just because it's been a while.  Some more pictures of the Brown Manufacturing conversion of an Enfield 3-band musket to a bolt-action breech-loader.

The concept was simple enough.  Chop off the old breech, add a new one with a simple (but robust) bolt.  The soldier would have to cock the hammer by hand, and that modification, extending back into the wrist of the stock as it does, is a great source of weakness... as the broken stock on this rifle shows.  Anyway - the shooter cocks the hammer, rotates the bolt a quarter-turn, pulls it to the rear, inserts bullet cartridge (damn snipers!), closes bolt, and fires.  Repeat.

Mr. Brown taking his credit:

Evidence of the Brit provenance of the basic piece:

With Mr. Cook and his son getting their share of the credit, as well.


Open bolt, insert bullet? Didn't it use a cartridge?
Bullet, cartridge.  Potatoe potato...  Hey, it was early.