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A Dram Too Much

Note to self: There are 20 Grains to a Scruple, 3 Scruples to a Dram. and 8 Drams to an Ounce.  Keep that in mind when playing with Magnesium Permanganate.

... Lest your family tree gets confused with THIS ONE.  Oh, nevermind.



Good Lord!  Someone place an emergency order for more chlorine in that gene pool.
Goodness.  You couldn't have made an safety film on purpose as good as that fella.

In the house, no less.

On Granny's heirloom quilt no less.
Not to spoil the fun, but a few things seem off.  Who turns the light on at the exact moment of the detonation, and why does his hand, having been right on top of the source of a decent fireball, have no apparent burns or pain?  Speaking of smoke, there appears to be quite a bit until the explosion is over, at which point there is none to be seen.  Last, but not least, watch his shirt.
"Holy smokes... I don't think I'll do that again"

(and Cortillaen is ruining the fun.  It's staged to some extent)
Fakery on this one. You can see a brief cut in the video.

I remember a guy (SGT) in Korea that took the powder out of a bunch of pyro and blank ammo, then proceded to light said powder with a cigarette.

The resulting burn to his hand was rather nasty.

The CO said that if he stayed out in the field and didn't go crying back to the rear, he would forget about the Article 15 that he would throw his way.

The Docs had to drain the fluid out of his wounds every day for the next couple of weeks, rebandage the burn, etc.
Dude was in some serious pain.

I don't think he ever had an issue with playing with pyro ever again.

Rewatching it a couple more times, I'm thinking the explosion is completely faked.  Between the momentary fireball (looks two-dimensional and doesn't seem to cast any light), the disappearing smoke (flat again, and notice the perfectly-straight line of "haze" on the table during the explosion), and the lack of any apparent effects from the blast, it looks like a seperate explosion video was layered in via video editor.  Sorry, AFSis.  Kinda...  Okay, not really. :P
(rolls eyes)

Killjoy. {/snerk}

Fake or not, it was funnier than Hades - in a tragic kind of way.  LOL
This reminds me of Clyde. He was reloading shotgun shells with the traditional reloader with a cup for powder and a cup for shot. Pretty basic stuff.

Clyde got a little mixed up on which cup was for what. So, he loaded a bunch of shells with a small amount of shot and a whole lot of powder.
Cortillaen attends a university that produces engineers and scientists.

Guys like Cort are why we find Big Bang Theory to be as much documentary as comedy...

;^ )
I've often told my kids to learn from America's Funniest Videos and the like... often they're good examples of behavior not to be emulated.
Attended, John.  Got something to fix before I finish there or anywhere else, as you know.  I did decide, by the way.  Now I just have to convince my folks and figure out what to do during the 6 month wait...
Just trying to maintain your cover, bro.
Fake or no, ROFL!
All I've been able to see here all day on this post is a white far am I behind the rest of you on software downloads?  Times are hard here in the cornfields.
Jewell, are you using FireFox by any chance?  Mine, updated regularly (v3.5.3) and with up-to-date media plugins, gives me nothing where the video should be, so I had to use IE to watch it.  It seems some of the newer embedded video players really don't like FF.
First: Cort, I'm using FF 3.5.3 here (WinXP SP2) and have not encountered the above issues.

Second, after seeing John & Cort's exchange, I hope Cort convinces his parents, whatever he's going for. Godspeed, amigo...

Hmm, not sure what the deal is, then.  I'm on XP SP3, but I doubt the SP difference is affecting things (granted, this is MS we're talking about, so the possibility is there).
Aaand now it seems to be working for me.  Looks like the comment box's habit of screwing with my head has seeped into embeds.  Or something.  Screw it; I'm going to bed.