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Want to meet 'n greet with a buncha big-name bloggers?

Then go to Blogworld Expo, next month in Las Vegas.

If you can get yourself there, and find a place to stay, I know how you can get into BWE for free - if you're a military-connected person.  And that connection is actually defined pretty loosely.  Parents and siblings count...

We're talking the Big Names of Milblogging, like Matt from Blackfive, Greyhawk, CDR Salamander Chuck Z, with new fresh faces on the panels, not the same old group of tired old pharts of yore.

Plus, in the exhibit hall, you'll get to hobnob with people like Vodkapundit, Instapundit, Ed Driscoll, and others.  If you like the blogs in general, you'll like Blogworld Expo.

Here's the gouge from Laughing Wolf:
Well, I love a challenge and now have quite a large one on my plate. It seems that Rick thinks we can get 200 people to the milblog track, and is willing to back that with up to 200 free memberships. He has challenged me to get the word out to as many military members (current and veteran), milbloggers, milblog readers, military supporters, and others as possible, particularly in the California, Arizona, Nevada region.

I need your help. Boy, do I need your help.

First, if you could cover the challenge, and that anyone currently serving or former service who drops me a line at with BWE09 Registration in the subject line,  and tell me in the body who they are, will get a code for a free registration.

Second, if you could also point out that all milspouses, spouse bloggers, and military supporters (including our readers) can also get a code if they do the same, it would be appreciated.

Third, if you blog at an organization site (WLF, AL, VFW, NSA, NASA, heck, any alphabet soup), and could post something there, it would be very much appreciated.

Fourth, if you know any bloggers in CA, NV, AZ, please ask them if they will help push this. If you know anyone on radio, television, newspaper in that region, please reach out to them also.

Fifth, stay tuned as we may need someone from each branch of the service there if we can pull something off. The charity shoot is off for now, but we may have something almost as fun to raise money for Valour-IT.

Thank you all for your time and help on this. With that help, we can showcase some of the new talent and reach out to new audiences for us all. And have fun doing it.


If you've never been to one of these things - well, if you've got the time and can swing the dime to get to Vegas, you can get into the convention for free  - and it's worth it.

And to answer the unasked question - no, SWWBO and I will not be there, it was just outside of our ability to schedule this year.


 I wish I could "swing the dime", too, but it's not in the cards...
I'm not even speaking to you.