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The Whatzis revealed...

Russian M1912 "Lantern" grenade, with a reproduction handle, and a "turked" British M1907 bayonet for scale.

If you need to catch up - click here.

I gave you two hints yesterday, which I thought would at least get you to grenade, and possibly Russian grenade, in this case the M1912 "Lantern" grenade.

In the previous post I italicized the word fragment in response to the previous visual cue. While I wasn't expecting anyone to really make the connection that the component I showed you was part of the structure that provided enhanced fragmentation effects for the grenade, I was hoping that the emphasis on fragment would lead you down an explosive path.  As for the historical clue, to play it in reverse, the Wehrmacht captured these grenades from the Red Army  which inherited them from the Imperial Army... and all are under new management.  The Polish Home Army thread was a good attempt!

Russia was one of the few nations that fielded hand grenades in significant numbers at the beginning of WWI.

The Hand Grenade Model 1912 is a stick grenade consisting of a sheet metal box (that has a lantern-like look, hence the nickname), which was filled with ammonal and had a sheet metal fragmentation jacket. It had a wooden handle, which contained part of the fuzing mechanism. A spring-loaded priming handle was integral to the wooden handle and was secured by a metal ring which acted as the weapon's safety.

This thing was complicated to use.  The soldier grasped the grenade's  handle, squeezing the priming handle. The proper way to do this was so that the safety ring went between the third and fourth finger of the hand. He then armed the grenade by turning a safety catch away from the front of the hammer at the end of the priming handle. The next step was to throw the grenade - but he hand to maintain a loose grip so that the safety ring would slide off the handle as the grenade was thrown and remain in his hand.  I can imagine that mastering that throwing action was exciting with not a few grenades landing short.

When the handle was released, the hammer struck the fuse, lighting up a train of black powder in a copper tube running up the grenade body.  Four or five seconds later the flame reached a primer set at the other, thus causing the grenade to explode.

Ammonal and black powder are both very hygroscopic - keeping your powder dry was a real chore, in shipment, storage, and especially use.

Tomorrow, I've got something else in mind to torture you with over the long weekend.


I see you haven't wiped the bayonet since you stuck yourself with it...

Hah!  That wasn't the one - it was a Yugo bayonet.

Only *one*, huh?
Rest assured Unkabill.  Recently, I sternly admonished Massa not to use any Bayos.  Hopefully, he has heeded my fair warnings.
*smacks self on head*

You've shown me pictures of that before, and I didn't recognize it at all.  You've got a whole case of weird blow-em-ups down in that dungeon  arsenal of yours.  I remember seeing it, now that I've seen the whole thing.
So if all the controls are down by the handle, what is the ring sticking out of the side? Or the tab opposite the ring, sticking out of the tube, or the safety pin style thing on top? Czarist decoration, like a samovar? I need to know, in case I have to throw one sometime.
Awesome whatsis, boss! Thanks. Moar nao plz kthxbye.
Og, whodathunk yer a lolcat fan...

Sigh, okay Martin, I'll go through the whole thing.  Later.
Internet access at work has a 'weapons' filter. Now that I'm home and can look things up, the ring looks like a belt hook for carrying, the tab on the priming tube looks like a cocking lever or cocking indicator, and the safety pin looks like a retainer for a possibly missing portion of the priming tube. Thanks for the puzzle, I just had to find the instruction and nomenclature sheet!
What's not to like? Pictures of cats displaying their wierd, aloof, psychotic nature. Captions making fun of them.  Far better than smelly actual cats.

Well, that's not what I thought it was, eh?  Door latch, windshield latch, etc. heh.   I still say I used to fiddle with something that had a spring loaded doohicky (yes, that is a techincal term) that looked kind of like that thing.  'Course, I couldn't have been more wrong if I'd tried.  Wow, these things don't often get me that far off.  My one small consolation is that even ol' J.M.H. got it wrong, and I was sure he'd have been closer than most of us on the first guess.  Though for BillT to get it based on those greasy hints makes me think he had an inside track--I mean that is *his* picture that shows up in the +1 banner now and then.

Oh and Ry, you should have been able to calculate the relevant rusty crap (thanks Argent) container's size by doing a little Squint (imagery interpreter) analysis...  See you take the date-time group of the photo, plus the lat/long & altitude of the camera, and with that knowledge you can determine the size of objects based on the length, shape, and direction of shadows, and since everyone knows the length & depth of Berber carpet pile bumps, you would be able to determine the scale of the object (using proportion & ratio calculations).  Easy huh?

Actually, Martin, the belt hook was on the back side that you can't see.

When holding the grenade so that you have the ring between your fingers, you pull that ring tab out (it is currently in the extended position) and you pull the little lever (that is pointing down, on the opposite side of the ringed tab) down towards the handle.  That cocks the the striker.  This example has had it's actual fuzing removed - though it's not clear from this shot, it is clear from the previous shot - the fuze train ran across the top of the grenade to the hole in the center.  Right now, the grenade is as it would be when the soldier was ready to throw it *before* he squeezed the handle.  He then squeezes the handle, which releases the striker to hit the primer, starting the fuze train burning and tosses the grenade.
Oh, great.  He disappears for 4 months and now starts snarking my lack of skill.  Some days it just doesn't do to get out of the cave. ;) 

I think you'd still need some reference though, Sanger.  If you've got no, to use a trig analogy, leg and angle to start with you get no absolute, only relative, measures. ;)(Hey, put the shovel down.) 
Well, it also assumes that I was using a sattellite to take the pictures... I'm afraid my Nikon doesn't embed lat long and slant data in the metadata...

And Ry, Sanger came out *just* for you.  You should feel honored!
Joy, the legendary Rant Master has placed a target on my back. I feel so much better and my life got oh so much easier around here. ;) THough, I am glad you've come back to play, Sanger. I get why you stick to commenting on the posts you do a whole lot better now.

Here's some lotion for those sore spots, Gollum...

Legendary Rant Master? C'mon, Ry, it's not like that. You always took what I dished out a lot harder than intended--kind of the way a wet noodle will go through a soggy tissue. Not that you're a soggy tissue an' all, but you did tend to go-on (and on, and on, etc.) about how sorely abused you were. In fact, part of me used to think that was really just a quiet, desperate cry for "more gruel please," but being the kind and gentle soul that I am, I couldn't quite bring myself to go that extra mile for you. You understand I hope?

Of course, I have changed in some not so pleasant ways, and if you really *need* the abuse, let me know. I've been working for my current employer for almost 7 years now and I have a LOT of repressed unhappiness I'd be happy to share. It'd be boring, whiney, wimpy, trivial unhappiness--given who I work for, but there'd be a lot of it. Just let me know .... :-D

And no target at all--though you can wear one if you really want to--'cause that was actually more of a very gentle toss at the House Master for his berber carpet comment. Indeed. And as for commenting vs. posting, the simple truth is that the past couple of years have been bright-shiny object years, and I've just not been able to do much of anything for long. Lots of reasons, hopefully, all that's passed for a bit.

And it's nice to see familiar names. Really. Especially yours, Ry.
Oh yeah, re: that embed data in the exif info... I've been playing with some software that will let you link photos to google maps, just by embedding the geo-data in the image, so that when you post the image on the web you can automatically create a link to a google map (it will even include those annoying google marker pennants if you're linking a gallery.

I'm not using that feature yet, because my Canon doesn't have a GPS (though that'd be the one upgrade I'd jump on). I'm still just manually finding the location on the maps then and marking-up a screen capture that gets saved with the images. Clunky, but it works.

And what's really cool (though I question both the value and my sanity) is that I have been able to go back and find buildings on the ground in google satellite mode that I took pics of years ago. In fact, I recently located a building in a small Czech Republic town that I couldn't even remember the name of, that I photographed in Dec 2005. I just followed the route I was pretty sure I took (using close-up mode) until I found the building next to the one that was the main focus of my picture. I've also located in google both an old barn and an old church, both of which are in ruins and lie along one of several routes I travelled between Dayton and South Bend. That took a while, but it's a thrill to me in the end. I just love the sleuthing it takes, and comparing the pictures I have with the aerial views. And yes, I was never a squint, but I have been an intel guy, and this is the kind of thing I liked best about that work. The Aha moment, even if what you find is trivial.

For all that, though, being able to embed location data in the exif file is something I am really looking forward to. I just think that's the next really big thing for consumer electronics and while a lot of folks (me included) will worry about Big Brother Google (and it's street view, which I hate and fear), I still like the idea of not having to take notes by hand. The camera already records all the exposure info, all that's left is location, and maybe down the road some kind of digital/biometrics hybrid-enabled identity verifier so that pictures of people would be tagged too. Now isn't that a scary thought, all you high-end phone users (same as carrying a homing beacon with your name on it, you know)...

Sleep well all......
I didn't do it twice.  Honest.  Your server burped or something and I got the sever gnomes msg... Really, it wasn't my fault.....
I see, so, you didn't *read* the server gnome's message?  About - "it probably posted?"


Too bad I didn't get it.  Doncha just hate it when good snark goes un-noticed?

8^ )
> I see, so, you didn't *read* the server gnome's message? About - "it probably posted?"

Actually I did.  In fact, I didn't resend, it just turned up twice after I hit refresh and it came back.  I wasn't kidding about it not being me--at least not intentionally.  So there  :-p

>  Too bad I didn't get it. Doncha just hate it when good snark goes un-noticed?

Well, yeah, actually.  Even a mild snark, and I had such a great time writing it, sinckering the whole wihle at the absurdity of it all... and then you explain that your camera doesn't do lat/long slant angle, an', well, I realized then that I'd missed the target.  And it hurt.  A lot.

I guess I'm just rusty at this stuff.
Ah, I love it when the mirror deflects the laser and the round homes on the guy behind the laser... 

Your mistake was *refreshing*.  That just resent the data to the server, boyo.

"Oh and Ry, you should have been able to calculate the relevant rusty crap (thanks Argent) container's size by doing a little Squint (imagery interpreter) analysis... See you take the date-time group of the photo, plus the lat/long & altitude of the camera, and with that knowledge you can determine the size of objects based on the length, shape, and direction of shadows, and since everyone knows the length & depth of Berber carpet pile bumps, you would be able to determine the scale of the object (using proportion & ratio calculations). Easy huh?"

Or you could just google Berber carpet, get a sense of "oh, small nappy carpet" and be close enough.  Geez, you've worked for the guys you have long enough that the lessons of doing it the simple way that the first guys you worked for have been lost on ya, eh?

;^ )

You *are* rusty.
On the refresh thing:  oh.  That explains the second double tap....

On the other stuff:  That was almost as convoluted as some of the things I get twisted up in saying... :-)  Though there is great truth to that 'let's see how complicated and unfriendly we can make every process so people will just leave us alone....' business.  Nothing we do is simple, and when it starts to get that way, someone changes it--just for the fun of it apparently.