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The whatzis, answered.

Y'all did really well, with Slick Rick and Neffi probably doing the best.  It's a windshield.  Well, it started out as a windshield.

The original piece itself is perspex, from the windshield of a shot-down US helo in Korea.

Soviet 1942-dated TT33, captured by Lieutenant Tim Donovan near Sinju, North Korea, in May 1952.
Made into grip panels (with custom screws) by the Auld Soldier's maintenance tech to replace the grips on the 1942-dated Tula-built TT33 pistol that the Auld Soldier captured from it's non-functioning previous owner of Chinese heritage.  The grip panels needed replacing because they had been holed (without damaging the frame) by a .45 caliber bullet from the Auld Soldier's M1917 revolver during a confused fight in the woods outside of Sinju, North Korea.

Here's where Sinju is located.  On the river between North Korea and China.  This was the Eighth Army Front line at the time.  Just north of Seoul.

Anybody has a spare firing pin and spring, firing pin retaining pin, and the hammer stop, I'm in the market.  When the Auld Soldier put the piece on the plaque, he removed those parts and the two of us spent hours over the years trying to find them, obviously without success.

If you'd like a larger version of that picture - click here.


Yeah, I have Neffi - all the parts that I need that they list... are sold out.

Worse comes to worse, I'll buy one of the ahistorical new imports and strip the parts I need from that.
Now that is a good souvenir item, even it only had a vaugely garbled story as is usually the case.

WIth the known facts and personal connection is is REALLY, REALLY GREAT!

It's also cool that the Auld Soldier was packing a M1917 Hawgleg in Korea... Old School, was he?
Hey John...What was the Auld Soldier doing up on the Yalu at Shinju when the rest of the Army, and the 8th in particular, was way south by many clicks? Was this just before the Chinese came flooding over and split the 8th and the Marines at Choson? Isn't that the most northern point the 2nd Infantry got to before the Chinese shot them up? Or am I getting the spec wrong from your comments?
I feel so special now.  Even if I did blow the gun type.  A superb specimen with an awesome story.  Now I've got to go dig around and find that set I have. 
Fishmugger - the Chinese entered the war in 1950, and from mid-51 through the end of the war the fighting surged back and forth across the peninsula just north of Seoul.

Dad was with the United Nations Partisan Forces Korea (UNPFK).  His particular group called themselves the Yangtze River Pirates and operated from the islands off the northwest coast of  Korea near the mouth of the Yalu (and Sinju, which is just upriver from the coast). 

Dad was doing SF stuff, working with locals who had been fighting the communists on their own.  He was SF before it was popular. looks like it has most of them - there's a TT-33 list as well, but the TT-30 has the schematic

feh, non-cavalry scum. I was beating myself about the head,neck AND shoulders trying to remember what aircraft had a piece of plexiglas so apparently small. I call shenanigans. ;)