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K9 P*wnage

It's a well known fact that dogs urinate to demark their territory, tag a certain spot as their property or simply show dominance over someone else (Take it from me, I'm the only Denizen that speeeks like the Dog Wheeesperel).

Well there seems to be a rash of dogs demonstrating such P*wnage.

First there was Maggie twinkling on Qadaffy's (may his spellings be many) Welcome Rug.

And now, Janeane Garofalo gets some relief by one of her own.

As you know events like these come in threes.  I wonder who's next?  I just hope that Bo doesn't get any copy-cat ideas.



Poor dog - I bet he wound up with a sore tummy from all the treats the crew gave him.
now there's a mutt that knows his master...

God speaks in many tongues. 
Smart dog.  LOL

Nuff said.