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It Just Keeps Getting Better and Better...

Thanks to Glenn Reynolds, we have another example of: 1) The quality of The One's appointments to the various "Special Advisor" posts that appear to be sprouting like mushrooms, and 2) The contempt with which these folks hold those who disagree with their vision.

I'm not a lawyer, but there seems to be a helluva lot of "fighting words" being thrown around these days and I'll be the first to agree with John that to name-call is to significantly damage your argument, in that it (for me anyway) makes my ears want to slam shut. That said, you can call people "assholes" only so many times before they start thinking, "This is not someone with whom I just disagree, this is a potential enemy."

In fact, I believe the Left in this country, who have for decades internalized the dictum that "the personal is the political," have in essence inverted Clausewitz's famous line that "War is politics by other means." To many on the Left, and in the Democrat Party for that matter, it's my impression that politics is war by other means. They take it very seriously whereas people like me, who love to discuss and argue politics, go about our business without getting excited about it as long as whoever's in charge doesn't impose him- or herself on my life TOO much.

To me, Obama's emergence on the national stage is a distillation of the Van Jones meeting. Obama's core supporters are those who think like Van, in their heart of hearts, and unfortunately have an occupant in the White House now who is on the same sheet of music. For years, they have behaved badly, but haven't had the political power to achieve their vision. Now they do.

To millions of Americans, that now seems quite apparent and it has energizied them as few things can. I have NEVER gone to a townhall meeting, ever. But I did this time...and I was concerned enough to stand up in a crowd and talk. For me, that's not a big deal (been there, done that a lot in my previous life) but for hundreds of speakers at this summer's Congressional recess local meetings, it was--psychologically, most people are more afraid of that than they are of dying.

I think that's what's befuddling both the syncophantic press and many elected officials on the Democrat side of the aisle...where the hell did these people come from?!? Well, they've been here all along but you just didn't push their buttons hard enough to get them to make themselves heard. Now you have. And, to answer the woman's question to Jones: "It's not the number of people on your side of the aisle all the time. It's their proposed policies that succeed or fail in floor votes." Even with razor-thin majorities or clear minorities, Republicans can get stuff done because it more closely aligns itself with what the majority of the nation feels is appropriate policy. Not perfect, but at least acceptable to the majority.

What's going on in the White House and in Congress surprises me not a whit. I actually listened to Jeremiah Wright's tirades, read Bill Ayers' writings and studied Obama's past actions on the political stage before the national elections last year. Repugnant, all. But, The One was elected, in no small part because his past was effectively hidden. Now, that's harder and harder to do, especially when you appoint people like Van Jones to public policy advisory posts...and YouTube is there to record his outlook on people like me and those who read these posts.

Fighting words have the effect of making people want to...fight back. Maybe not with the same visceral and reflexive hatred of the fringe Left and fringe Right but in a way that puts a brake on the fundamental restructuring of America that Obama, Jones, Frank, Franken, Moore and Garofalo fervently desire.

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I found the Van Jones clip to be very troubling on multiple levels. If you put aside the "expletive deleted" nature and who the "expletive deleted" was target toward, the most troubling part becomes clearer.

First, the woman asked the question as to why the "party now out of power" in Congress was able when "in power" to pass legislation with less than the majority the current "party in power" enjoys, while the "party in power" can't seem to do the same thing. The response .. BS .. or as Barack Obama would call it .. a distraction. Obviously, this question was not supposed to be asked.

Second, the cynicism this man has for the environmental movement is unbelievable. "Green Jobs" aren't a viable economic product of reordered priorities based on good environmental principles, but rather a political opportunity. His appointment as "Green Jobs" czar shows that "Green Jobs" and probably the whole "cap-and-trade" legislation has virtually nothing to do with the environment, but rather is a source of funds to be squandered for patronage. Every environmentalist should be aghast.
Every environmentalist should be aghast.

They should be equally aghast at the garbage that's being passed off as "environmental science" in the name of environmentalism. Of course, "environmentalism" itself has been long-since hijacked...

There's something strange that I just dont get.

When it is about dealing with issues of extreme importance and the cause effect thing is known and not simply theory, and the other side is completely dedicated to ideologies that demand the destruction of our nation, then it is not about debate. It is about fight.

Those currently owning and operating the DNC have not demonstrated one iota of integrity or honor on any issue for a full decade now. Those that are in charge are dedicated to a bizarro mishmash of every totalitarian filthosophy that's dribbled out of europe over the preceding century.

They have proven themselves to be beyond clue immune. Rather, they don't care what is or is not true, what is or is not based in actual functional fact, they dont care. What possible value is there in any attempts to debate with such persons? And, that includes those who crawl along on their knees, willingly, in submission to whatever the thoughtbosses tell em.

It is no longer any wonder at all to me how nations fall to insanity as we saw throughout the 20th century. No wonder at all. We can see it happening right here right now today. Refusal to man the hell up and fight when its all about the fight. Instead, far too many are content to keep peeking out their window curtains and taking solace that, although their neighbors may be pulled out in the street and stomped into messy blood puddles, the bad guys aint in their yard yet, so everything's ok.

Now, none of that is aimed at anyone here, just a general comment on what's going on in the world and at home.
The "environmental" movement has become a whacky secular religion for many, but there's a very sinister purpose behind it that most are not aware of:
I have to say I'm seeing more political yard signs now then I've seen for most elections - including the last one.

There are more political - and I mean explicitly, overtly political - sign then there are yard sale signs.

Only difference is, all of these seem to be on the same side, and it ain't The One's...