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Entropy reaches out amongst the demi-Denizens

The demi-denizens don't blog much, themselves.  They're above all that.  They just keep us company as we read and type.  This time up in Alaska, where long time reader and commenter Rod lost his computer-buddy, Alexander The Great, aka, "Lexxie." 

There is a new bar-cat at Fiddler's Green.

Alexander the Great, though he never quite grew into that name so it became Alexei and then just 'Lexxie.  In spirit, he was more like Lassie.

Detail!  Fall in!

Now is the time at Castle Argghhh! when we dance sing a soul to the Great Hunting Ground and Tennis Ball Chasing Facility at Piddler's Green


Thank you, John.
Condolences, Rod.  I'll just go hug my own Alexander the Grrreat, aka "Fart," now.  At 14, that sad day rushes ever nearer for us, too.  Just know that Lexxie is waiting for you at Rainbow Bridge. 
He'll be missed. Even though he was still young at 11 years, he acted like every one's big brother. Whenever another cat would get into a bind, he'd come running to get my attention and led me to them. His last yell for help was his first for him, but there was none available.
Sorry, Rod.  Sounds like you lost a great little friend.
I will go hug the Exterior Guard and give them extra lovey skritches.  I am sorry for your loss...they really are family.
A ringer for the first cat who'd fetch for me. MC will show Lexxie the warm spot by the stove...
Thank you everyone, and thank you again John.

Little Dorie's busy grooming the back of my hand while I'm trying to type this.  Sadie, the senior cat, is realizing she can be queen again and is busy winding herself around my feet.  The rest of the family has responded and is reminding me they're still here.
I know you will miss him.  can you tell us more about him?