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Continuing the Whatzis

Don't really *need* to do a lot of catching up, but if you want to, click here.

Okay - this is a *component* of the item we saw on Sunday.

Heh.  This is just being mean, really.


Man - That looks like something that one of the Bedoodlewhoopies may have horked out.
A 1:12,500,000 scale model of the Face on Mars.
Dude, if the Bedoodlewhoopies are horking out anything that looks like that.... they need more fiber and water in their diet.

I'm thinkin' that John posted pictures of rusted crap he pulled off of that sweet new ride of his.
Yeah, this is a classic Armorer Special, mean to the core.
I think AFSister has the right of it, or maybe it ain't....

Actually, that orginal pic of the whatzis looks familiar.  The slide-n-latch handle/grip on the right side of the barrel goes to the right (top in the pic) and stays in the notch there, and I think it's spring loaded, which means it's meant to lock something in place, and that reminds me of windshield latches or seat latches or maybe door latches.... I just can't remember where I've seen that before.  I think that's either a windshield hinge lock or maybe a shield plate lock from the artillery piece?  Clearly, I'm guessing, but so what, eh...

As for the thing at the top of this page.... rusty crap no matter where it comes from....
rusty crap no matter where it comes from....
Ahh but you see SangerM this is John's plan.  For it is indeed rusty crap... but it's relevant rusty crap.

Did you remove it frm a civil war submarine?Looks petrified.
Terrapod, we would *never* loot an artifact like that.  Even if they left us alone in a room with one.

Tune in tomorrow, kiddies, for another clue.