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A Twofer! Yanno, Sometimes, I Really Hate Myself...

...for posting a Whatziss that's absolutely *no* challenge to you guys. But, I do it because I figure all y'all deserve a break from trying to guess what arcane piece of dumpster bait get the exact nomenclature of John's latest toy from underneath the bench seat in the southwest corner of the Regimental Sar'nt-Major's bunker during the Siege of Mafeking.

However, this is not one of those times.

Those of you who don't really have a life will should get this one right off the bat --

And, as always, I provide *context*!

Now, the second one isn't really a Whatziss, but a Whoziss. Some background briefing: One of the more onerous tasks I have is being torn away from my normal duties and coerced into providing a visiting VIP -- civilian or military -- with an orientation flight in the sim, either the B-206 or the Huey (II), and providing them with a hands-on demonstration of how absurdly *easy* it is to learn how to fly a helicopter *if* you have an absolutely superb a decent instructor.

And how astoundingly *hard* it is to hover, despite having one of the world's premier your pick of some pretty good instructors.

And, as always, I provide *context*!

That pic was taken *after* the flight, as you can see by the looks of profound relief they display.


And neither one grabbed my leg in terror.

Darn it...


I don't have a clue, but I'm sure John will be glad to know he comes from the fine tradition of "dumpster divers". Two final points, you have a fine eye for "context" and you have proven, that "context" matters. You have really proven that you understand that fact. Yeah! Now, back to sleep. BillT, thanks and have great week. 
Context? Oh. Ooooooh -- context, right, right, right!

Sorry -- got the Hi-Rez Context right here...
The first picture looks like some camera mount hung off the bottom of one of your whirly thingies.

I'm not sure what the second picture is of as my eyes keep going out of focus from staring too hard. The shirt would be a ground safety violation but who's going to tell her. They look like the USO girls from the Trump ceremony. If they are, I was smooched by the Redhead...and lived to tell about it. What happened to the blonde??
I think hovering the sim is tougher than hovering the real thing...
Heh. I haven't read the post yet, just Grumpy's emailed comment, but I think I'm being mocked!


And I have *never* used anything from the Siege of Mafeking  (Okay, I read the post before I finished the comment).

Flying with GingerKids, even if they are sporting strategically placed green stars... Are they good luck in the Good Ship Hubert?

They look like the USO girls from the Trump ceremony. If they are,


What happened to the blonde?

She's the next clue.

Hey, c'mon, there's *always* a blonde...

Looks like something else might have been "hovering".  LOL
It appears to be a launch rail for an AIM-9 or AGM-114. Bill's comment about "Hovering" implies but helicopter underwing launch rails usually come in "4-Packs". The fact that this is a single rail implies that this is a fixed wing platform.
I know - context is everything.  So all I can think of is a cock pit.  Sorry.  ML
After having some fun, I think your "whatziss" is a mounting pod, installed under the fuselage during an upgrade for a camera. If it is the one I am thinking of, you could fly at a relatively high altitude and still provide "Contextualized Statical Data". 

@Fishmugger, I agree the "Whatziss" is probably a mounting pod for a camera. Maybe you could enlighten me, what would be the ground safety violation?

In an aircraft maintenance area proper attire should be worn at all times to prevent exposure to chemicals and other hazards. A bare or naked mid-rift is a ground safety violation...cute..but something is definitely being violated here. Someone should read her a regulation or two. I'm sure Bill had that exact thought in mind.
First one looks like a connector for what?  Bombs?  But that's the shadow of civ thinking.

The second looks like 2 tactical distraction devices.

I would agree, in an *aircraft maintenance area*, proper attire should be worn. Problem, I saw nothing to suggest that actual aircraft maintenance was being done. If such activity was the center one's *only* attention, then I can see how you would draw such a conclusion. "I'm sure Bill had that exact thought in mind." It appears to me, Bill was extremely focused on *context*.
They were dressed for triple-digit heat, and we keep the sim bays cooled to 65F, so I was focused on a couple of things, actually...
@BillT, I need a minor one word clarification. You write, "They were dressed for triple-digit heat, and we keep the sim bays cooled to 65F, so I was focused on a couple things, actually...". Now for accuracy and *context*, the clarification, were you focused on a couple of things or a couple of things *each*? 
 He was concentrating on two pairs; discards were only an option.