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Truth is, I just need a Hooah! moment


Excellent - That is the finest recruiting ad ever done, I think.  I have a copy of it on my hard drive, and always sync it to my Zunes to playback whenever I want :-)
I see that, in the solitude of my home, as the memories start to fade, and I am amazed...

I was part of that...  I know many others who were as well...  And those who support them on the Home Front...

All I can think is:


Marine Tough, Army Strong...
Yanno, Sergeant B - not many worked as hard as you did to *be* a part of it, however.  Good on ya.

Now to find a job back home!
HOOAH for sure!
That is one kick-butt comercial!  I am lovin that!
good juju.  we're in Columbia, SC tonight because our last will pass in review at 0900 tomorrow.  i can't call him 'recruit' any more.

and the Marine nephew is coming up in the morning from MCAS Beaufort to stand witness.

we were told that there will be some 1200 new soldiers about 15 hours from now. 

you KNOW how I feel.