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Throwing Gasoline On The Embers

[UPDATED: Because SWWBO caught something I overlooked]

Laydeez an' gennulmun -- the skunk is out of the woodpile still in the woodpile.

For a while.

Now we *know*  Okay, we've still only got our suspicions why requested the e-mails and blog-commentary of those who posted "fishy" comments about Teh Won's health care blitzkrieg. It was to create an agitprop salient. Although there's a historical example of what Camp Obama *has* done with such information.

Read Cassie's entire post for additional goodies, but the relevant extract is

... many established bloggers’ and message board users’ names and their links (including my own) were nearly simultaneously forged in messages on forums and blogs all over the net. The messages, falsely bearing our names, stated that we have had a “change of heart” and now “support Barack Obama”.

Note that both names and links were involved, which kind of negates the argument that they weren't collecting *personal* information. They not only collected it, they used it .

Note the "nearly simultaneously forged" postings. Which means there is both Good News and Bad News. [redacted as superfluous]

The Good News is, Camp Obama doesn't have the resources to post *absolutely* simultaneous postings. [redacted as superfluous]

The Bad News is, Camp Obama has made a good start at turning the 'Net into the Great Hall Echo for Teh Won.

BTW, I still haven't backed off on my stance as to the legality of the fishing expedition.

*making popcorn*

Hat tiperoo to Cassie.

UPDATE: One of SWWBO's correspondents provides some insight on some related fallout, and the White House is scrambling to invent researching a suitable cover story.

Oh, yeah -- that's SWWBO's *other* site. Can't believe I scooped John on that one...

*making larger bowl of popcorn*

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playing make-believe from walls of the city on August 15, 2009 3:35 PM

By way of SaysUncle, then Argghhh!!!, then Villainous Company, then finally No Quarter, we get a small glimpse into why it is that our Glorious President set up the "" email address: The most recent example of Obama-Planned onslaught... Read More


Dammit.  And we weren't forged.  I guess having a readership that surpasses the paid subscriptions of the local fishwrap doesn't make the cut.

On the plus side, maybe it means The Castle is already *inside* their OODA Loop!

On the minus side, maybe it means they *are* planning to screw with the VA, and we're both on the list printed on flash paper... some of us *fishwrap* is important.
 What are the odds this story makes the Washington Post?  If the Post can do a story about some clerk putting Ted Kennedy's on a watch list for terrorist airline passengers, they can do a story on this.  Nobody, NOBODY decent on either side of the aisle wants this.  Our government fails if this kind of behavior is not exposed, including the names of the individual perps.
 Hey, why win hearts and minds when you can fake it?  Just like sincerity....
Yeah, this is gonna leave a mark.

Are they really THAT dumb or just THAT arrogant??
Did they really believe that people who never signed up w/the WH and/or all these other orgs mentioned by that arsehole Gibbs, will not question how David Axelrod got their email addresses?!
Did they really believe that people who oppose the HealthCare abomination will not question those postings?!  And other people won't question such "change of heart??"

Are they really THAT dumb or just THAT arrogant??

My guess is, yes...

 Ummm. Bill - damn, I hate to do this, but the salient quote you point out occurred a long time ago. Like in May, 2008  - here is Cassie's link .  I would be more up in arms if this is a more current happenstance.
Don't get me wrong.  I'm pretty damned unhappy about the Obama Admin's actions in regards to the flagging of fishy thoughts and even more so when it comes to their wishing to destroy privacy on the Internet.

Oh, and thanks for noticing my new blog.  John didn't get aroud to linking to it.

Darn. You're right.

Okay, everybody disregard everything between the title and The Bad News is, Camp Obama has made a good start at turning the 'Net into the Great Hall Echo for Teh Won.

*off to munch on half a crow sandwich*

 Bill, I should probably mosey on over to Cassandra's and let her know the bad news, too - she has a bunch of trolls who will be mean if she doesn't clear up that darn link, I'm afraid.
Good idea -- I know *I* certainly hate being in the position of apologizing to people for misstating the time frame of the dirty trick they pulled.

Keep yer popcorn, I'll take the *other half* of that crow sandwich.


Why? *Did* they forge you last year?
Yer short-term memory is failing you, old man.

Oh, yeah -- that's SWWBO's *other* site. Can't believe I scooped John on that one...

Oh. That.

Want trade a mayo packet for some Grey Poupon?

Here's the Poupon, but you can keep the mayo.  I just hope you got all the shot out of it.  I hate breaking teeth on shot pellets.


Nup -- it had a Close Encounter with an MRAP...