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The Canadian Connection

Not all Canadian Soldiers fight in Canada's Army.

During my war, the news was always about the flight of US cowards to the North. Never a word was said about the arrival of Canadian heroes who came Due South.

There were three Canadians in my flight platoon in Vietnam. They weren't Canadian pilots flying with us, they were Canadians who had joined the US Army and gone through flight school *in order* to fly with us.

There are still Canadian heroes in the US Army -- and sometimes, they, too, take the path to Fiddler's Green.

SGT Darby Morin, of Company B, 1st Battalion, 32nd Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 10th Mountain Division -- and of The First Nation, Saskatchewan.

From the comments:

Paul Alastair: United States Army Sgt. Darby Morin, 25, died early Saturday morning when the driver of the vehicle he was travelling in lost control, causing a rollover near the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.

Heavy fog blanketed the road at the time of the crash. Morin was wearing his seatbelt, but was unconscious when military medics arrived.

Morin was the nephew of Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations vice-chief Lyle Whitefish.

“He wanted to be a role model. He wanted to show kids they could be much more than being in a gang or whatever,” said Whitefish.

And from Brittany: My fiance slept 5ft from him and they had just built a frame for a tent and did a workout together just 24hrs before his passing. He called with the news soon after and it broke my heart. All the guys out there loved Morin and his loss was a massive shock to everyone. My fiance says it's had a huge impact on all the guys out there he worked with and they're all still trying to come to terms. His rememberance ceremony is today at the FOB and I'm praying for his family and all the men he left behind.

The caption under his picture describes him as Corporal Morin. He may have just been promoted -- or not -- but his friends thought of him as "Sergeant Morin," and so shall we.

Heads' up, 162d FG contingent -- a compatriot the likes of Geoff, Grey, and PD is inbound! Make him welcome...

Sergeant Morin was a US Army soldier - so now is the time at Castle Argghhh! when we dance: In Memoriam of Sergeant Darby Morin, of the First Nation, Saskatchewan, Canada.


I knew lot's of Canadians that served in th US military over the years. Not to mention quite a few US citizens joined both the Canadian and UK militaries in WWII prior to their country joining the fight.
My condelences to the family and friends of O'gitchitaa Darby Morin.  Our whole Anishinabek Nation is mourning his passing.
 I was a British national at the time I served with the Deuce. CRS though about Canadians in the outfit. Wish I had known back then.

RIP Sgt Darby Morin. In my post-forces civilian life I happen to negotiate native land claims for the Government of Ontario (airmen can do anything).  I know that a lot of Aboriginal folks from Canada enlist in the US Forces. While I'm not sure why they do that, rather than join the Canadian Forces, I honour them as fellow warriors. And the fight in which Sergeant Morin was engaged is our fight too. Bravo zulu!