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Number Nine...Number Nine...Number Nine... in, Argghhh-onauts Number Nine!

For you Frequent Visitors, the Obligatory Dream Sequence is still a viable subthread for me to stretch the definition of "willing suspension of disbelief" to the breaking point, but for now, we're back in Real Life. For you New Folks, you've prolly already read enough to know that *odd* things happen around the Castle.

Now, contrary to popular belief, not all contractors are retired, crotchety old military guys. Some are (relative) youngsters culled recruited directly from Civilian Life, which makes for some interesting situations when a newbie who is totally clueless about *anything* military gets totally immersed in a situation involving uniformed personnel.

Such as his first day in the DFAC...


Gotta luv them Sur'n lads coming directly from flying puddle-jumpers in Taik-sus...


Oh good grief.
Says the Aikido Kid...

Heh.  I like it :-)


When's 10 coming?!!