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Make way! Make Way!

Marking the passing of someone who has literally touched us all, in a tangential, ghostly way.
John –
Pass a note to Fiddler’s Green – heave to, sailor inbound. Gloria’s dad, Lowell S. (Mike) Michels passed this morning, finally free from that cursed diseasLowell S. Michels e, Alzheimer’s. He was a wonderful man and made a real contribution to society. He joined the Navy just before the end of WWII and was one of the early discharges that came at the end of the war – serving just under two years. Dad worked on the Liberty Ships in the port of Portland (OR) until he was old enough to enlist. Joined the Navy 5 weeks before his 18th birthday and one week after graduation from high school. The GI Bill financed his education and changed his life. As a physicist, he was one of the computer industry’s early pioneers ( no computer science majors back then). One of his early works is actually in the Smithsonian. He was part of the team that developed the magnetic strip on credit cards – no patent – company owned. Sure would like to have a penny for every time a credit card is used. He’s joining his wife, who passed nine years ago, but leaves his brother, two sons, Gloria, and three grandkids. Just one more tear in that ever-dwindling weave.

Kyrie Eleison. ML
There is so much left unsaid, that is not for me to say.  

Now is the time at Castle Argghhh! when we dance: In Memoriam of Lowell "Mike" Michels, sailor, scientist, inventor, husband, father, friend.  Just an everyday hero. And there is much honor in that.


My sincerest condolences to you and to your family, Gloria.  Sounds like a life well-lived.
He'll find good companions at FG.

A fellow physicist.  My father will greatly enjoy asking him questions, especially about magnetism.  My condolences.
One of the greatest generation...another one gone, danggit.

He is in a better place, whole again, and feels no pain.