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Heroes come in all shapes and sizes.

From Heartless Libertarian, who took a break from his duties in Afghanistan to send this along.
From the school pipe-bombing in the Bay Area yesterday (Note: psychos don't need guns.)

Note the comment from the teacher who tackled the bomber:

"There's one hero in my family, and he's in Iraq right now," Santana said, referring to his brother, who is in the military.

No, Mr. Santana, you qualify. You did what needed to be done, at great risk to yourself, for the safety of others.

And kudos to your parents, who obviously raised both you and your brother right.

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@Mr. Santana, Let me see if I understand. You knew what to do, how to do it, when to do it, where to do it, why to do it and if to do it.  You also did a  risk assessment  on both others and yourself. You came to the conclusion, *do it*, in a split second.

I do believe your brother might want to chat with you about this. 

He is a hero in my book.