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Chuck Z and the Z-Herd at Castle Argghhh!

Proof that Chuck really did report to Fort Leavenworth and isn't AWOL on a beach somewhere...

Chuck, Carren and the kids came to Castle Argghhh! yesterday.  SWWBO got up at 4AM to start the brisket smoking and to make a Castle Cake for Carren's 21+N birthday.

Which was celebrated in a typical (well, it *should* be typical) Gun/Milblogger fashion...

The Castle Technical gave its first rides to Chuck's "Dismounts" and Carren and the Dismounts got reblued on Basic Cavalry - click here for Chuck's AAR on the topic.

Here we see Chuck working on Carren's shooting skillz with the AMD-65. There were some interesting foibles to Carren's shooting style.

But as important as it is to make sure the current adult generation is capable of hitting what they aim at in defense of realm and demesne, it is also very important to teach the younger generation, boy...

and girl!

And, of course, you have to have some fun yourself.  If you are at work, turn your sound down - naughty lyrics alert!

Though there are some workplaces where the lyrics would be applauded as edgy and a cool blow against da man, while the *video* would be the issue. 

Anybody else notice how Chuck's shooting style is so very... arab?  Oh, wait - no, he is kinda sorta aiming!


Between this post and Chucks, looks like tremendous fun.  WIsh i could be there!
He'd have a lot more fun with an AGM-65... 
Pretty cool.  I need to have someone teach me to shoot...

Was it really that cool, that everyone is in longsleeves?  That's not been necessary around my neck of the woods for month.  Indeed, one would likely have to be insane to dress like that around here this summer!
Yes, it was that cool.  We've been about 10 degrees below normal for pretty much the entire month. 

Seattle lost their weather and we found it.

Come on up and we'll teach you to shoot.

Attila - and associated costs with the AGM-65 seem a bit steep. 

Gotta get that job that would allow me paid time off first, but I'd love to make it up there.  My best friend lives in NW AR, which isn't THAT far removed (when I lived up there, she was in Lee's Summit for a bit).  Been brushing up on my kitchen skills, though, so I'm sure I could help with provisions.

My best friend's dad, who is a retired LTC, will be up your way for a while on business In November, I pretty sure at the Fort (given his current job), and I'm checking into whether he'd like a virtual intro to you and Chuck.  He's a Vietnam vet, but I only knew him once he was an officer at the Field Station in A-burg.
Fuzzy - you just need to get SA to pay for you to come out and ride with Chuck in the Parade of Heroes...  we've got a spare bedroom at the Castle, we'd provide room and board.
You guys had real fun, I am jealous!!

Hey, we're a plane ride away...


I'll vouch for the fun of visiting the Castle.  I'm glad you all had fun :-)

So jealous. It's technically legal to shoot from my back porch, but only technically. As in, I'm certain the police would get about 20-30 panicked phone calls if I tried it.
Well, I did inform the neighbors who live 1/4 mile away we'd be banging away yesterday.

Y'know, being polite and all.
Looks like a great time! Hope Carren enjoyed her birthday at the Castle :-)
Fuzzy - you just need to get SA to pay for you to come out and ride with Chuck in the Parade of Heroes... we've got a spare bedroom at the Castle, we'd provide room and board.
Ride in the "Parade of Heroes?"  You think Chuck was hard to convince?!  LOL!  I would love to meet them, but no chance I'd be in any parade with them. I could probably afford the flight, though...  I am itching to just ditch everything for awhile, especially since things are slow and I've got a couple of crazy months ahead (which you'd know if you read my blog, haha!).
FINALLY, the answer as to "what ever could Carren see in that big palooka?!?!"....  evidently, nothing, what with a left eye over right hand stance.  i can't even pretend to understand the physical mechanics of getting that alignment!
Visit scenic Castle Argghhh! -- home of the world's only continuous milblogging convention....
"what with a left eye over right hand stance. i can't even pretend to understand the physical mechanics of getting that alignment!"

Being right handed but left eye dominant, yeah, I can understand doing that.  Not recommended, but it is a lot easier than unlearning 21+N years of habit of using yoru left eye. 

"I'll vouch for the fun of visiting the Castle."
Fun?  All I ever get is work.  ;)  Speaking of which:  does the Technical need grunt labor to make Her stable all nice and weather proof? 
I'll do my best to make it to The Castle some day.  Right now, I'd be more interested in the horses than the firearms, since I have prior knowledge of the former, and miss it very much, and the only experience I have with the later is my brother's Tin Can Alley from when we were kids, my best friend showing me the rifle her dad gave her (issues with taking it back to Germany for a while), and then carrying my future BIL's empty rifle into their apartment together a while back (my sister said I looked like Annie Oakley... one rifle in a carry case on my shoulder, and the other, not in a case, muzzle down, held just in front of the trigger/trigger guard...My sister won't touch them...)
Miss L - if I can get enough of the Denizennes to show up at once, we might actually get *Bill* out here...

Dusty has threatened that his flight sked may allow for a jumpseat to KCI sometime later this month.
 Unfortunately, I'm not going anywhere that would require a plane trip or being away during a M-F any time soon...  It sucks not being fully employed...  I am looking forward to going down to San Antonio this weekend to volunteer with Soldiers' Angels at a Chili Cook-off.  At least I'll know Toby...