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A Castle Day, with a Whatzit for those who won't be here.

Chuck and Carren, their kids, dog, and a few firearms and a growler of Chuck's home-made brew are coming this way to demolish the brisket SWWBO is smoking, along with home-made ice cream and a Castle Cake - since today is Carren's 21st+N Natal Day.

Chuck is already planning ahead for mischief and mayhem - this is the response he sent to the update on the Castle Technical:

Two of my neighbors actually get erections when a jeep drives by. Any Jeep.

That'd give them coronaries.

You gotta let me drive up to their houses in it--I'll tell them I traded my truck in for it!
Hey, if they're his year group, that much less promotion competition, right?

Okay, Og has been jonesing for a Whatzis - so here's one to keep you and he busy this afternoon while the Z's and D's shoot, grill, and swill the day away...

It is very much last century.


Firearms, smoked brisket, home brew, and home made ice cream....

Sounds like there IS a Utopia after all!

Oh, and not a clue on the whatziz.
First guess:

It's a pull ring on a "Single Serving Issue, Battalion Size" can of beer.
At least there are no perceiveable Dog/Cat Hairs enmeshed in the backgroud mat of this picture.
mm home made icecream leaves the other stuff for dead.

Is it some kind of locking mechanism?
Some sort of latch for an access door, perhaps on the trail of a small gun--- like the put-put to be towed by the Castle Technical?
"Very much last century" .... I'm guessing, WW1?

Could it be a base plate for an early version light mortar?
Firing mech for a spigot mortar or a depth-charge launcher(probably way out to left field here).
And here I'm living in a country where it's near impossible to find brisket, let alone beef ribs.


In wet and, well, wet Ireland.
I won't even try on the whatzit but the food layout makes me salivate :o)
Say hi to Chuck and Carren and Happy Birthday to her!
Will be waiting for the pictures of mischief and mayhem as well as the brisket and the recipe for the same :o)
Jeep erections are a common malady among the American male.  I have 2 Jeeps...a '55 and an '09.  When I drive the '09, nobody notices.  When I drive the '55, at every stoplight I hear "What year is it?"   I've never been so popular, I shoulda bought this in high school...except the Jeep wasn't all that old then...*sigh*
Just a flying shot at the whatzis:

The latch on the battery compartment door on your Jeep.
No clue on the whatzis, but I'm betting "last century" means 20th... :)

Very nice! I'm a little confused-  is it all there, or is a certain part missing, or omitted to increase the confuson factor?

Of course, I'm almost always a little confused.
That's a part of a larger whole, Og.
 It's a portion of the Temporary Light Artillery.