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The US Army Warrior-Soldier of the Week - SSG Scott Kenyon

General Casey, Army Chief of Staff, awards Staff Sgt. Scott Kenyon the Silver Star for his gallant actions in Anbar Province, Iraq.On May 29, 2009, Staff Sgt. Scott Kenyon was awarded the Silver Star for actions in Anbar Province, Iraq.

Under cover of darkness, Staff Sergeant Kenyon and his squad moved up approximately 200 yards undetected, closing in on two Iraqi insurgents planting a roadside bomb. As Staff Sgt. Kenyon was going around a corner with a row of roadside shops, he was spotted and engaged by one insurgent with a silenced 9mm submachine gun. Unaware that he was spotted and unable to hear the muffled rounds whizzing through the air, Staff Sgt. Kenyon’s head was suddenly turned to the side by a bullet that struck his Kevlar helmet, and struck a second time in his chest plate. Upon the impact of the rounds and uninjured, Staff Sgt. Kenyon quickly returned fire hitting both insurgents while continuing to advance. Staff Sgt. Kenyon hit the Iraqi with the submachine gun in his wrist forcing the weapon to clatter away and wrestled him to submission while the other was killed by another squad.

For his exceptional gallantry in action, Staff Sgt. Scott Kenyon is this week’s Warrior-Soldier.

The Army Warrior Soldier of the Week is a weekly email that highlights the bravery of a featured Army Soldier.


WTF they get suppressed 9mm from, Iran?