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Overheard in a Bagram D-fac...

"Along with the flow of "conformity" directives coming out of the JOC, comes a new nickname. The non-leg contingent (which is considerable) has begun referring to Bagram as Fayettenam East."

Snerk.  Watch yer wimmin boys, the 82nd's in town!

If I have to explain it to you, it won't be that funny to you.  Others are ROFLMAO'ing right now.

11 Comments's not our fault the rest of the Army lacks standards.
It ain't *that* funny.

The Afghans are probably wondering why they're all wearing little umbrellas above the "US Army" tape...
Someone we know rather well is (hopefully) making the transition from Fayettenam East back to Fayettenam Main. He wears all them Army tabs and unbrella thingies, and some more stuff. For vacation he wants to go to Ranger School.

When will it ever be enough?
Hey, Jim - he wants to earn the merit badges, *now* is the time, while he's young enough to heal!
"Fayettenam East", so this is what they're going to call it. Funny? I guess it all depends on two things, location and position. If you were in the middle of jungle and grabbing your ankles all of the time, it just might not be so funny. There are men who had more "brass than brains", I saw men who were little in stature, but had the brass, big ones, too. These men were called, "tunnel rats". Question- How did they get all of that brass into the tunnels?

Did we have fun? Yes, we had fun, but the trick is to find each individual's strength and then, use it. This is the way to build a strong Nation. There are many parts to this mosaic of National Security. During Viet Nam, we had the draft. Good grief, *I was in the Military and still got my beloved draft notice or Greetings, from The President of the United States of America.* Could you imagine. if we were a tiny Nation like Israel. This is where everybody serves at least 2 years and subject to recall until you are 45, no exceptions.

I like something the "Auld Soldier" said, (paraphrase) "I respect the draftees who worked hard to make the best of a bad situation." Wow, what a comment! Thank you, SIR!

One last question, how long is our reservation or lease on "Fayettenam East?

To Jim b:  It is just the nature of the "Beast."
"When will it ever be enough?" There will be a time when his body will grab him by his 'brass issues' and adjust them. Hint- don't say, "I can't or see you, she'll adjust until you can. Men do not want their brass issues tampered with, at all. (Brass, big ones too and we always thought we came into this World, factory adjusted- wrong)
I hear you guys. This kid always chooses the hard way, the "dirt road".

It's like I told him, being crazy isn't a problem as long as it doesn't bother you.

It is, a divine madness.
Good grief, *I was in the Military and still got my beloved draft notice ...

Heh. When I got *my* notice, I just posed near the gunner's seat of a handy Hubert, with M-60 in paws, two belts of ammo draped crosswise across my chest, M-1911 prominently on my hip, two smoke grenades hooked in my belt, and a knife hilt sticking out of my boot.

I scrawled, "If you want me, come and get me" on the pic and sent it to my local draft board.

They framed it and stuck it in the foyer of Town Hall.

I got my draft notice, too. 

From the Germans.

Seems they didn't quite cull the Geburtsurkunde correctly...
@BillT- 25 JUL 2009/ 6:09 PM

You had a fantastic attitude, in my case, I was advised to simply refuse the letter. Therefore, the letter was sent all the way back up to the top of The Chain of Command to LBJ. From here, we see the issue going in all different directions. One fork goes to the Federal Congressional Critters. A second set of forks go over to all of the State Levels down to the Local Draft Board. The letter required all of those receiving this letter to answer Him directly. A carbon copy may be sent to others *after* the original answer was sent to LBJ. Any intermediate "chains of commands" were not to filter any content of their replies.

What was the real issue? In today's lingo, the question boiled down to this paraphrase, "WTF!?!?"
BTW...wouldn't it be more appropriate to call it 'Bragg East.'  Fayetteville's just the town outside, where even the, um, larger women don't have to pay for drinks.

They could even rename Disney Drive (the main drag through the troop areas of BAF) East Ardennes.
quick, some gun pron now! I have read the piece and all the comments TWICE and I still don't have a clue what it's about.