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On Crack and Flipping

A Crack in my Windshield, I Had. And yesterday morning, while taking my car to repair this offending spidering welt, weird voices came from its radio. The Nation’s Minimum Wage went up today to $7.25/hour, the voices said in unison. Some praised, the need for Burger Flippers to get a living wage. Others castigated it for limiting the numbers of new Burger Flippers to be added to our Nation’s Economy.

A Crack and Flippers. Great – They’ve all Flipped-out on Crack. Don’t they all know that raising the minimum wage has nothing to do with Burger Flippers, and all to do with padding the pockets of the Labor Unions? You see, most labor wage contracts are predicated on the Minimum Wage as a factor upon which the pay scale is based on.

Say, the United Brotherhood of Puff-Pastry Workers set their wages as a factor of “X” times the Minimum Wage. For example let’s say that they get paid 2.5 times over the Minimum Wage. Minimum Wage is raised from $5.00 to $6.00

Old Wage:  2.5x5.00=$12.50
New Wage: 2.5x6.00=$15.00

But here’s the kicker, thanks to the magic of multiplying factors, a raise in Minimum Wage leverages the pay-raise for Union Workers. Under this scenario, our government has mandated that their pocket liners labor union members are all mandated an additional $2.50 raise from private industry, for every dollar Minimum Wage raised.

And that’s what has me Flipping on my Crack. In this economy, the cost of labor has just shut-up for everyone wishing to hire someone. With real unemployment close to 15%, do not expect for companies help bring it down anytime soon.



Watch for inflation to begin its uptick shortly.

When the gummint starts overprinting 5 over the 1 on a dollar bill, it's gonna get ugly...
I have my thoughts on THIS matter UnkaBill.
I collected stamps when I was a kid. My first introduction to the concept of "inflation" was seeing a 10 pfennig postage stamp from 1915 with a 5,000,000 *mark* overprint and a 1934 postmark.

For the uninitiated, that meant Germany had sunk so far by 1934 that it was just too expensive to print new stamps. It was taking 20-year-old unsold stamps and overprinting them with their new price.

In 1915, it had cost 10 "cents" to send a letter. By 1934, it cost 5,000,000 "dollars"...
@BillT Sorry, you got your dates wrong. Or a fake. The rampant inflation of the Great Depression ended in 1923. By 1934 the currency was too stable for the number to be remotely feasible. 1922 on other hand. Numbers such as 5,000,000 were real for poststamps from 1918-1923 after that a currency reform of 1:1,000,000 and harsh goverment budget policies stabilized the currency at roughly 4 Rentenmark = 1 Dollar. Currencies in use 1918-1945: Papiermark ( inflation happens) -> Rentenmark (currency reform) -> Reichsmark (Because a Deutsches Reich needs a ?)
 Bill did state that it was a 1934 "postmark" over the stamp.  That could mean that someone in 1934 found a 1915 over-printed 5,000,000.00 mark stamp and thought it would be funny to use it.  Don't forget, Gerry has vierd zenz off humor.
Ratz. I don't have access to the collection to scan Da Stamp.

However, if it was not a legitimate postmark, it wouldn't be a fake, it'd be a forgery.
How about my example: when I graduated from HS, I had a 1,000 roubles in my savings account after my life insurance policy matured (do not ask, I do not know how it worked because by the time of my graduation those policies were not sold anymore).  At that time, that was 1/5 of a price of a nice middle-size car - Zhiguli (or Fiat).  Right before I left the country, I went and closed my saving account - 9 years after the money went into the bank, it was around 1,500 roubles.  Wonder what I was able to spend it on??  1 pack of Malboro and a package of cookies that I now know are sold in the 99 cents store here in the States.
On a lighter note, Boq, the sky behind your cracked windshield is marvelous...
Gerry has also invented and perfected the art of useless officialdom.
That stamp, if real, could one come into existence as joke by the stamping official who then would have remove the thing at once from circulation - otherwise one his coworkers would have confiscated the thing.
I think it's more likely that BillT just misremembers the date than that a german post official pulled a stunt like that. Of course it also more likely that Kepler was wrong, so...
Doggone it, now I'm gonna stay awake all night trying to visualize every single detail on that %$#@! piece of perforat...z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z z
It would be very interesting.. even a social experiment.. to drop the minimum wage to 10 cents.  It would very much crack the glass and cause both socialists and capitalists to eat the truth of the effect, not that they wouldn't try to avoid it.
olga, that was funny! No, it wasn't. Ok, yes, it was, but not in the sense that it was funny that your money depreciated. I mean...

Oh, never mind. :)

Why is it that all the Russian women coming to this country the past 20 years are all so good looking? I met several very attractive Russian lady students when I returned to Miami University a few years ago. There was an especially charming young woman from Omsk, whose name I shall not reveal here. Lovely lady...

What I will say is having one of your (very pretty) classmates say "You know, you're the same age as my dad" tends to take the starch out...

Awwwwwwww, poo' Casey.

These days, *I* get "Wow -- my *grandpa* was in Vietnam!"
Thanks for the compliment, Olga.  Thankfully, the crack in my window wasn't as extensive.  It took me a while to find that snap on the web.
Yeah, Bill, but you still have the 27" zipper in reserve. {wry grin}

Casey, I know what you mean :o)
 I was laughing myself  - I have this very annoying (to others) ability to see the funny side in every bad/dire situation... At least now I control my laugh,  it did get me into a lot of trouble  in my early years...
Oh, we Russian women are just made this way ;o)
Don't go near Casey, Olga.  I hear he's pretty "hands on" if ya knowwhutImean.
Hey, I resemble that remark...