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If you wear your body armor while testing it...

You might be a redneck.

The guys in the picture are not rednecks.  They're just US troops in France during WWI modeling some body armor types *after* they've been retrieved from the range..

The guys in the link...  well, you be the judge.


THIS, though practical for your pooch, is not my favorite - THIS one is.
Larry, Mo, and Curly - The Early Years
What, Boq, no matching briefs?

The guys in John's link? Darwin-winner wannabees.

Dammit, Boq!  I've *told you and told you* don't put up links like that second one!  How many readers do we lose because they don't hit the "back" button on their browser?


Dude!  Think before you post!
Wow. That's a whole new level of stupid. 0_o
Oh, I dunno, John. I like the second link. A lot.

In fact, that armor looks like it could use a good polishing. Gotta be thorough, ya know. Make sure that steel is all nice and shiny....

Sigh - Massa is in a Chops Busting Mood again.  Since the female pectoral region is the font of all that is good and nurturing in this crazy world of ours, anyone whose job is to provide for its protection surely leads a noble occupation.  Sadly this oppinion is not universaly shared somewhere west of The Missouri River. :@()
Wow. That's a whole new level of stupid.

Naw, Boq's done *lots* worse, Saker.


  And remember, after you polish that armour, you have to oil it.....

  Then there's a good application of saddle soap and neatsfoot oil for the leather bits....

   Might take awhile to get it just right.
No, Boq - it's precisely *because* appreciate the subject matter that I don't want you sending people places where they won't come back!  It looks like everybody who made it back is over 50.  Professionals, in other words.

We may never hear from the younglings again...
Bill, you know very well that's not what I... oh, nevermind.

Unfortunately, that enticing diversion only works for the male gender. Ladies might need something more like this.
We may never hear from the younglings again...

Well, Saker made it back.

Of course, she brought a diversion for the Denizennes with her -- although I *personally* can't see the enticement potential in a thumbnail of an sblades-dot-com logo.

Must be a chick thing...
{smacks forehead} Argghhh! I forgot the oil!

Me, I would prefer mink oil for the leather bits, but hey... :)