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Hey Kids!!!

Hey Kids - It's The Bouncy Castle Soldier!!!  

Help Uncle Boq Caption him.


After eating Subway for a year the  Michelin Man's efforts to enlist were finally realized.


 Disney Drive 0645L.
Who made John shave off his beard and moustache?  (You gotta admit, Armorer, the head is almost to scale.  ;)  Oh, Lord, for what we recieve we are *not* thankful.  Yipe.)
Look, kids, it's Buddy Soldier!

(Dogma fans will get it.)

After many years of blowing his own horn, John's over-inflated ego finally got the best of him.
Hey!  Is this at the Castle now?  Is there going to be cake?  You know I cross service lines for good cake. much fun would we have with this? 
*fading ninjalike into the corner, bowl of popcorn at the ready...*

Cake and blow-up Army Men!
WEEEEEE!!!! Sounds like a party to me, Maggie!

After cutbacks, the Army demonstrates its newest feature of its Future Force Warrior technology, the "Hearts and Minds" module, seen here in action.
And Ry submits his application for target-tower on the moving target range...
Private Johnson began to think the people saying American eating habits made them bigger than the rest of the world might be right.
Little Kid: "Why are Americans so big?"

Buddy Solder: "Not all Americans are this big, I'm from Texas."
A week on MREs.  Lordy, lordy, I feel bloated or what?