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Good uses for the flag

This is not one.  Oh, it's a venial sin, to be sure.  I get more chapped when I see the flag appropriated as a piece of clothing, which is found more often than not on a "red state" back or butt.

But, as someone who has worn that flag on my sleeve to provide a convenient aiming point for the armed enemies of the United States, I do rather wish that people who are trying to do the right thing would... think it through.

While not overtly disrespectful, it's certainly not a respectful treatment of the symbol, now is it? It's not the image I would expect from someone who has struck, and possibly will strike again, for the White House and it's environs.


It certainly chapped Greta's empennage.

And John - here's a Red State diarist bleating about it. 

Oh, and guys - how many times did you have to look at it before you saw the flag?  Might be one reason that John Cole hasn't seen a huge number of Red Staters blathering... they never see the flag. 


Oh. The worst bit to me is she's leaning on it.
Yanno, that pic of Bill Ayers *standing* on the flag torques me off a lot more.

Palin was thoughtless. Ayers was contemptuous.
Good point.  And that art 'study' peppering a hall with flags on the floor to encourage students to step on it.
Truth be told I saw this a day or two ago and completely missed the disrespect to the flag.  I agree that it was a bit of thoughtless staging, but frankly I wasn't looking at the flag.  See the picture again and I still won't be looking at it.

The only reason the Dems are bringing it up is the chance to gang up on her again.
What am I supposed to see that's distract me from the flag?  No, really, what's there that's so engrossing that I can't notice the abuse of a fine flag?

Sorry, I'm not impressed with Sarah Palin, and I really wonder WHY so many aren't just supporters but devotees/zealots.  That there are people out to destroy her has me even more befuddled.  

Come on Argent.  You of all people should know how it works in academe.  THe profs hold the key to your career.  Are those who bleat the loudest about how the student should've told the prof to stuff it going to shell out to support a lawsuit AND support the girl in her endeavours?  Don't like it, but I understand how it works---no, really, not being able to get letters of rec is something I know a TON about because I pissed off profs and coworkers(Anyone remember my run-ins with Mizz Thang?) is a soft form of blackballing I know a bit about. 

I have a good idea how the Service folk around here are going to react, but, hey, this is where the 'I'll fight to the death so you can say it' oath meets the road, ain't it?  Not to mention you don't know what's at stake for someone else.  It's EASY to say go fight for this principle and have no stake in the outcome.  You expect someone to fight for a symbol you adore, but put nothing into it.  You just get mad about it.  YOu stay at 'the mall' on that fight.  Rather than fight for the campuses you just pulled up stakes and left the rest of us to fend for ourselves, so do you have the right to kvetch when something you don't like comes up there?  I reckon not. 
...this is where the 'I'll fight to the death so you can say it' oath meets the road, ain't it?

Any freedom comes with a concomitant responsibility to accept possible consequences. As far as Ayers goes, he has the freedom to say what he said. He must also accept the responsibility for having said it. And if we're ever introduced, I'll query him on his willingness to do so. Vigorously.

Chaplinsky v. New Hampshire, 315 U.S. 568 (1942) applies...
It's a photo shoot. They may have taken over 100 pix. The 7 published are all staged like the one with the flag. She's also lost weight, let her hair down, and never broke a sweat.

Cesar's wife is in a lot of trouble if we waste time worrying about what the photographer gave her instructions to do. She should have thought it through more.

Nice leg, however,
That's my real name, so put the hate on me if you like. I saw the flag the Gov. is leaning on, and thought "that aint right" but it is not the worst I have see seen. But within the last week or so I saw a picture (or a video?) id a place with a lot of troops coming and going in the noon-day heat under a canopy MADE OUT OF A FLAG! And I thought "THAT is just WRONG!"

So in short, the chick in the pic pisses of the people who care about the US flag, who happen to be the people she wants the vote of and who are among the last who take her serious. That does not sound smart from a pr point of view.

In fact, in Terminiello v. Chicago, 337 U.S. 1 (1949), the Court immediately began a long process of narrowing and reshaping the broad scope of the original fighting-words doctrine. Terminiello was charged with breaching the peace after publicly insulting a group of adversaries. While not addressing whether Terminiello's speech constituted fighting words, the Court found that the breach of the peace statute in question was overbroad because it permitted convictions for both fighting words and constitutionally protected expression. Concluding that speech that merely causes anger or outrage does not amount to fighting words, the Court opined that speech is protected unless the expression is "likely to produce a clear and present danger of a serious intolerable evil that rises above mere inconvenience or annoyance." The Court explicitly stated that it would not assume that certain words inevitably provoke violent reactions by individuals. Rather, the Court's analysis focuses on the context in which the words were uttered, not merely the content of the words themselves

You know, Unk, you wanna get nasty with Ayers having read ALL the stuff listed on that site about fighting words doctrine, well, I'll try and sneak some of your Dutch beer into 'ya, but, well, good luck with trying to justify it and claim it's legal. 

And, as you've stated it, well, that's the bum's rush on stuff 'we' don't like 'as responsibility' for actions.  Kinda like what the Liberals ne Progressives are trying to do about 'religious crazies' and 'dangerous veterans'---a pre-emptive strike to keep people shut up on topics we don't wan't to hear.  That's not freedom as I understand it.  That's "well, we'll over look it so long as you stay in this lane, but if you go out, well, we'll 'hold you responsible for it.'"  Which isn't freedom, not really. 

Mr. Sheldon, why would anyone put hate on you? 

I don't like the photo of Palin, either.  but that's a far cry from the incident that Argent brought up where some real hating got going on a college art student, as an assignment, did 'transgressive art', meaning it was meant to piss people off, and if I remember the story correctly part of the assignment was it had to be personally transgressive too.  So she made a series of flags to put on a busy hallway that people essentially HAD to walk over.  To me, that struck me the same as the people who want to become teachers but have to put up with what amounts to brainwashing to get certified.  To get where the girl wanted to go, to have an art degree and all that that would open up for her, she had to jump thru BS hoops.  Same same.  What should've been about asking why the definition of art the prof was pushing was 'subversive' or why trangressive was part of an assignment that would be so public became a hate fest on the girl.  And that, quite simply, pisses me off.  You're looking at a kid who likely had a bus load of student loans, looking to find a way to eat doing something she loved(art), and you got people pissed off because she didn't fight someone else's fight for them.  THat sucks.  That sucks diseased moose wang. 

Larry - anybody gives you shite, I'll deal with it.  I don't let people play it that way around here.
Game over, Palin is resigning.

My hope is that this is the end of her involvement.

Put her in the mix, make her the Republican Poster Child in the next presidential cycle, and send us out into the wilderness for yet another four years.........

I'm beginning to understand AAARRRGGGGHHHH!!!!..........but not in the context of the owners hereabouts.
You're kidding, right?  That is *exactly* the meaning hereabouts!
This wilderness we have here today is going to be plenty long enough, for all of you.